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Fry’s Food Fairground! (Silly breather encounter styled after a cooking game show)


Introduced when the adventuring party is not on a pressing time crunch (after solving a recent issue and on the road to the next town is ideal), the party meets a fire gensai travelling on the road. If spoken to, the enthusiastic gensai will introduce himself as "Fry" and will ask if the party enjoys cooking. If they answer in the affirmative, will ask if they can spare a moment for a cooking challenge. If they agree, he summons a bag of fiery sparks that he sprinkles over the willing party members and transports them to a safe location on the plane of fire.

The location:

In a warm but safe location the party appear. This is a modern looking grocery store placed on the elemental plane of fire. The building is well stocked and a toasty 92 Fahrenheit or 33 Celsius. There are four cooking stations for any willing party members (and NPCs with 10s in all stats and +2 proficiency in Cook's Tools to fill out any extra spots). In addition to Fry, there are three judges, a baker, a butcher and a deli worker.

Fry will then spring into his introduction to a small floating mechanical eyeball.

"Welcome to Fry's Food Fairground!

Taking place at a real grocery store on the elemental plane of fire, this popular game show is seen by 2.6 billion on 13 planes of existence."

He then asks the players to introduce themselves (Persuasion check). The best result gets inspiration for one check during games.

For the contests you can keep track of each round's total and add them together for a final score or eliminate the lowest score each round. If you want to keep lowest scoring members in, instead of eliminating them, you can have Fry give them a "Mildly Cursed Horseshoe" that grants a 1d4 penalty to d20 rolls, but can be easily removed after the games are over. As well, let your players abuse their random skills and spells in additional ways. If they want to Sleight of Hand the forbidden ingredient into a competitor's dish, the Passive Perception is 10. I'd recommend granting a 1d4 for most shenanigans or advantage for particularly clever ploys. If the party decides to kill Fry and the Judges, use level appropriate monsters (I had Fire Elemental Myrmidons stats ready if my party went all Murder Hobo)

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First round:

Fry will introduce the contest, "Hunting Hors d'oeuvres: You'll need to search for your ingredients, then craft a tasty dish for our three impartial judges, the butcher, the baker and the deli maker! Watch out, our butcher is allergic to nuts and refuses to eat anything with nuts in it."

Format: Investigation/Survival check followed by Cook's utensils (Wisdom) check. Total of both checks is your score. Ask the players to describe what they are making and issue a -5 for using the forbidden ingredient. Worst score gets eliminated or given the Mildly Cursed Horseshoe.

Second Round:

"Shooting Fish in a Barrel: You'll need to either javelin or bolt a fish in our humane fish in a barrel. You'll need then to then prepare your fishy dish for our judges. Don't worry about nuts, our butcher got over his allergy but this time our bakery cannot eat any dairy."

Format: Ranged attack followed by Cook's utensils (Wisdom) check. Total of both is your score. (-5 for using dairy). Worst score gets eliminated.

Third Round:

"Secret Desert: You'll need to make a desert dish and this time the deli worker refuses to eat desert. You'll need to either disguise it as some thing else or you'll need to somehow get it under his fork without him noticing! Don't worry about it making sense, he's not very clever, isn't that right?"

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"Yes boss, I'm dumb as a box of rocks."


Format: Cook's Utensils (Wisdom) check followed by either Deception, Performance, Sleight of Hand or Stealth check. Total of both is your score. Winning score moves on to final round!

Prize Round:

Final round is five fast paced food riddles that the player will need to name the correct food. They have two minutes to answer as many riddle correct as possible. If they stumble on a riddle for too long, Fry will give more hints.

Riddle 1: This green edible berry is named after a flightless bird!

A: Kiwifruit (or Kiwi)

Riddle 2: This unleavened dough product is named after a body part and is popular with cheese!

A: (Elbow) Macaroni

Riddle 3: This cut of meat is made from the top half of a round steak primal and is also an informal name for a buttock!

A: Rump (or Rump Steak)

Riddle 4: This milk is tarter than cow's and has lower lactose. You can use it to make Feta!

A: Goat Milk

Riddle 5: This frozen dessert is denser and lower in fat than most ice creams. Hazelnut, pistachio and vanilla are common flavors.

A: Gelato

The winner gets 200 gp for each correct answer and a potion of Gaseous Form in a commemorative bottle for getting to the prize round. As well, they gain proficiency in Cook's Utensils if not previously proficient. Feel free to scale the prizes to your party and game.

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Once done, Fry may let them shop in the grocery store and will transport them back to the location that they came from.

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