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Full-colour 3D printing miniatures

Content of the article: "Full-colour 3D printing miniatures"

Hey everyone,

I don't know if this is allowed but I am trying to do some market research and see if there's any demand for my service/product idea.

Attached are links to 2 etsy listings of miniatures that I have 3D printed in full colour. The sculpts are done by mini monster mayhem (I pay his merchant tier patreon) but textured and coloured with substance painter and zbrush and printed by me.



I want to hear your opinions, criticisms and views. Is this something that interests you or would want to buy? And if so what kind of colour schemes and models would you like to be available to you and prices.

Still working on different kinds of colour schemes and textures, next I want to try painting with photo textures and see just how lifelike I can print a model.

Just a little back story about me and why I have a passion for coloured 3d miniatures. I was born with a neuromuscular condition which affects the muscles and I get weaker as I get older. I have been into minatures ever since I was little and received my first Warhammer fantasy miniature at the age of 12, it was a dark elves hydra. My other passion in life is art. Unfortunately as I got older my ability to do both started to dwindle and at the age of 18 I had to pack up my brushes for good. Since then I have searched for a way that lets me get back into both passions; the technology has finally caught up and it is now possible for me to create beautiful works of art again.

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No one wants to play tabletop games with an unpainted army. Coloured 3D printed miniatures and the wonderful world of so many talented 3D model designers on Patreon and My Mini Factory now allow me to have a painted army again. After seeing the success of Hero Forge's Coloured Kickstarter Campaign I thought finally but then I saw the quality and knew I could make something better. Something with shadows and highlights and texture; chainmail that looks like chainmail, marble that looks like marble and fur that looks like real fur. If a photo exists of it then I can print it in as much detail as the original photo.

I would love to make this service more accessible for those who don't like painting, like me can't paint due to a disability or just those who want beautiful miniatures but can't do it themselves and don't like the hassle of having to send away models to third-party painters. If you have read this far I would like to thank you and I hope you like my miniatures.

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