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Fun new interactive concept D&D stream on twitch. I think it could catch on.

Content of the article: "Fun new interactive concept D&D stream on twitch. I think it could catch on."

I was scrolling for a new D&D stream to watch the other day and stumbled across Bizarkus. It's one guy who DM's a rotating group of PC's that he names "The Vanguard." I've only seen the last 3 episodes he's put up, but it's really cool how he's doing it. His community (which I think is only through his discord) does a roll-off to see who gets to be players that week. There's a bunch of repeat players (The one playing the Genasi has been in every episode I've seen so far), so I think the community isn't all that big yet. The players are good, and they're pretty entertaining.

The way that the session plays though is awesome. I get channel points for watching and I can turn them in to help out the players (or the monsters, which I guess is a new thing). The others watching the game are only a few people, but there were folks giving out inspiration like crazy. The immersion was really good. I actually felt like I could contribute as a viewer, which is a really clever use of channel points.

Bizarkus does this fate thing with inspiration. He uses tarot cards and puts some spin on them. He says whatever's on the card happens to the party at some point, and so far it's just been advantage/disadvantage here and there, or they find a couple of gold.

He also has players play as the monsters in the game too. I don't know how the other players roll for the monsters as they do, but that sounds like a ton of fun. It's like PvP but, normal, and the players won't hate you for it. They're called "The Ravenus". They roll off the same as the vanguard does to play that week. They just started using face-cams this week, but I only saw the vanguard on cam. I think that's intentional.

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The voice acting and the production value are pretty good. The audio and video aren't 4k or anything, but it's good enough for twitch. Bizarkus is a really good DM, like, really good. Trying to manage 5 players + a bunch of others controlling the monsters and keeping the story straight must be seriously tough. I'm surprised he *wants* to do this this way. His maps are good, his storytelling is good. He's got a cool voice mod which makes listening to the game like a podcast really interesting.

I joined his discord community because he was doing some giveaways and had some free maps on there. It's LEGIT. He's got the whole inventory for the game, the exp, each of the players' characters, a whole dice bot thing, really cool community stuff, and like two dozen free maps that he just GIVES you. Honestly, the content is great, but the maps are a sweet bonus.

So yeah, I'd recommend this for a new weekly game if you're looking. Fun concept, really engaging, good community, great free stuff, good people.

Cons: He's like, super new. Every episode he's fixing something that was messed up or wasn't set up right. he isn't all that consistent with streaming. His games are always Thursday, but his other streams are whenever he feels like I guess.


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