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Fun with cults!

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Hey everyone! So I'm running my first home brew game where the post apocalyptic world where my PCs are set in is running rampant with cults. I was wondering what everyone's best cult story is in their campaigns?

So far mine has been one that half of the plot happened on accident because our LE druid decided it would be funny to try and get a merchants pig high.

Before offering this pig some of what he was smoking, our druid had asked the pig if he had seen anything interesting at the docks lately. The pig told him about a man in sunglasses (who they eventually found out was a cult leader) with a gem encrusted, purple book, which originally was just a random detail that wasn't meant to be anything. The pig then declined smoking due to a cousin of his smoking some funky stuff once (aka our druid rolled a nat 2).

Now this book spiked his interest has now led him and the rest of the team on one of his "conspericy theory(tm)" treks through abandoned metro filled with traps(which he himself had accidentally set off most of, because of his stubhornness and low dex). After refusing to let the rogue check for more traps and dismantle the first few I had planned our rogue just said fuck it and let him stomp his way through all of them. This of course, almost kills him and he leads the party to believe he has learned his lesson (the party finds out this is not the case but that's another story for another post).

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So eventually they sneak in and find the specific person who was forced into the cult they were looking for fairly quicly, thanks to the ranger. They snatch him and while they are thing to sneak out they basically fuck up to the point where they are brought to the leader of the cult. Fight ensues, and the long story short of this part is they end up hog tying the leader and the druid threw him in his the bag of holding before they escape.

So once they've left the subway tunnel they finish the og quest and then find an abandoned building want to try and question the leader, but to their shock, when they pulled him out he had already suffocated to death, leaving the already pissy druid even more pissed because he REALLY wanted that book. They still several months in-game haven't found that book and the druid is determined to find it.

The TLDR version is: my players found out the hard way why you don't stuff live people in the bag of holding.

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