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Funny d&d story

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Hi everyone!

It's my first post on reddit! Sorry if break some rules or whatever.

I simply want to share a funny d&d story that happened while I was DMing.

August 28, 2020

Quebec – Canada

The PCs are in a sketchy tavern/inn. For no reason, one of the PCs wants to try the weirdest food around. As a DM and a fungi/fermentation enthusiast, I give him a good selection of fermented sea urchins, mare milk, mushrooms, and moldy sausages. The PC feels like showing off and eats it all. I ask him to roll constitution. He rolls 16. He eats everything like a boss. The tavern owner is really impressed and offers him a glass of a goldschlagerish liquor. PC rolls const again. Rolls 12. PC burps. He's fine.

A light and funny moment for all, but we NEVER thought this dégustation would later save the party's ass.

2-3 hours later (in real life), the party is in the middle of a combat with a bunch of thieves. It is not going well at all. One of the PC died for the first time in our 50+ hour campaign (it was deserved haha) , one is KO, the one who ate all the shit has to surrender, and the last PC is hiding somewhere. At one point the hidden PC is able to get two of the thieves' attention. It leaves the one who ate all the shit alone with two thieves holding him to make sure he can't run away. It's now his turn. I see him being like '' FUCK!! I CAN'T DO SHIT!! ''. I then tell him: '' need to take a piss, think about it while I'm gone''.

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When I came back, I saw my friend smile… He then says: '' I'm going to shit myself''. I was actually amazed that he came out with this idea. I gave him the advantage because of all the rotten food he had the same night. I ask him to roll constitution. On the first roll he rolled 2. AND OF COURSE, on the second roll he rolled a natural 20. He shat himself bad. The worst smell anyone had ever smelled… It made the two thieves holding him back off for a few seconds. He took advantage of that and the other remaining player too. They were able to win the fight. We know it's 100% because he rolled a natural 20 to shit himself.

Hope you enjoyed it!

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