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Funny useless fake magical items

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Following a comment in another post, i was inspired to create an npc for my ongoing campaign, that will reward players with these fake magical items. I could really use some help to create and flavour some more of them. The npc will be some sort of an ascetic Gith (Githzerai) monk, that will give out these items as a reward because he thinks they are extremely rare and precious, but they are actually only mundane worthless items.

So far my list:

  • Wand of detect fire (a simple piece of wood) This object is capable of pass through the invisible wall of illusions and reveal them: if it starts burning, the fire is real.

  • Stone of gravity (a stone) This magical stone is capable of revealing anomaly in the gravity: you can throw it somewhere and see if it falls normally.

  • Magical feather (a simple feather) If held with your finger, this magical feather is capable of revealing the direction of the wind.

  • Coin of choosing (a worthless metal coin) If you are unsure which way to choose on your path, this coin will help you.

  • Blanket of the night (a heavy blanket) This blanket will cast the same effect of the darkness spell if you completely cover yourself with it.

  • Bottle of specific wish (a bottle of water) Drinking the liquid in this sealed bottle will grant you the same effect of the wish spell, but only if you wish to drink some water.

  • Scent of loneliness (a little flask with some strange stinking liquid) Putting a few drops of the liquid on yourself, will make you fell lonely. Perfect for those who need silence to study.

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Added from the comments:

  • Orb of Slope Detection This 1inch diameter, perfectly rounded glass ball will, once placed on the floor, indicate in which direction the ground is slanted. /u/Poutine-Poulet-Bacon

  • The Arrow of killing This arrow has a chance to kill almost every creature on a hit. /u/CagePerSecond

  • Pole of Trap Detection : A 10 ft long pole. Poke things with it, if there is a trap it will detect it by triggering it.

  • Improved Pole of Trap Detection : Same as above, but the pole is 11 ft long. /u/kalfadhjima

  • Moveable Rod modified version of the immovable rod /u/edgemaster72

  • Candle of dark vision. When lit, it enables the wielder and anyone with line of sight to the wielder to see everything clearly within 5 feet of the wielder and dimly for 5 feet beyond that. Cannot penetrate magical darkness effects. May be lit and put out as many times as the user likes to a total of 1 hour burn time /u/FerretAstartes

  • Rope of weather (wet = rainy, moving = windy, hot = sunny, cool = cloudy, stiff = cold, white = snowy, gone = take shelter) /u/Coldfyre_Dusty

  • Glasses of Hindsight: When worn, these glasses allow the user to see their past mistakes clearer. Upon putting on the glasses, the wearer realizes they got scammed and the glasses are useless.

  • Helm of Awareness: While wearing this helmet, the wearer is keenly aware of the fact they are wearing a helmet. /u/highoctanewildebeest

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I will edit the post to credit the original user.

Edit: original idea by /u/MrLuxarina

Source: reddit.com

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