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Game economy advice (harvesting resources, building mines, building tradeposts, hiring laborers)

Content of the article: "Game economy advice (harvesting resources, building mines, building tradeposts, hiring laborers)"

Hello everyone,

This is my second post regarding the same campaign…this time i come to you asking for economy advice.

The thing is, i do not know how to set the value of some certain things which will be key in my campaign.Basically i want the players to find resources by exploring (iron, coal, ivory, silkworms, pearls, salt, spices etc) and i want them at a later level to be able to set up mines, plantations, dig sites etc in order to harvest them.Or even sell the resource spot outright.

What would the price for such establishments be?

Also, i will almost 100% not use copper currency, because it gets very tedious.I might even not use silver…just rely on gold.

So this is what i was thinking i would need to know the cost of :

1.Scout out a resource to know it's potential

Hire skilled professionals to appraise the found resource –

For example : The experienced Dwarf foreman tells you that this mine has 20 years worth of iron ore, valued at X GP

Or : The West-Maribor Company's skilled artisan values the Silkworm nest anywhere between X GP and Y GP, and based on the weather quality and nature/wildlife hazards you can expect to harvest it for at least 5-10 years.

2.Selling a resource spot outright

After finding and appraising(or just selling in the dark) a resource, you can sell it to a potential buyer

I was thinking about 20-30% of the value of the resource up-front.Since harvesting it takes time.

3.Building a harvesting site/mine/plantation to harvest the resource

3.a Cost of building the facility outright – materials and working hand – (workers fee, accomodations and meals)

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3.b Cost of building a road/small docking/clearing a part of the forest in order to easily transport the raw resource

3.c Cost of keeping the site running – salaries/food/accomodation for X number of skilled and unskilled workers

3.d Yield of the resource – What quantity of said resource can you harvest per week/month with x,y,z number of workers

4.Building a manufacturing facility/textile workshop/smelting site

4.a Cost of building it outright – materials, tools, workshops and working hand

4.b Cost of keeping it running – salaries/food/accomodation for workers (skilled and unskilled)

4.c Yield of the processed resource – What quantity of said processed resource can you produce per week/month with x,y,z number of workers

5.Selling resources

Cost of raw resource? – Ex:Iron Ore

Cost of processed resource? – Ex:Iron Bar —-> Advanced: Iron tools/weapons/armor

6.Improving facilities

Cost to add better tools, mining carts, artisan's workshops etc

Am i overthinking this? Should i just use some set-in stone made up values and then just adjust their income from exploring/dungeons/quests accordingly?

What i was thinking was just to make things enjoyable…since it will be a mix of classic D&D with dungeons, quests, a main storyline and some type of medieval tycoon.I was thinking something around the lines of: After about 4-5 quests or 2-3 sessions they should have enough money to get a small mine up and running.

Any input is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

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