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Geas use that I havent seen mentioned anywhere

Content of the article: "Geas use that I havent seen mentioned anywhere"

Geas, as we all know is a pretty interesting spell. With a 10 minute casting time, it can charm a creature and let you issue a command to it, acting as a really painful shock collar once per day if the target disobeys the command. Many ideas around making the Geas command be "Obey my words" have been written, but I believe these ways tend to ignore one of the main, crucial difference between Geas and other charm spells.

Geas ends only if you dismiss it, or the target is hit with a remove curse, Greater Restoration, or a wish spell. At first glance, it seems that there is nothing out of the ordinary here, pretty solid ways to cure a curse-like effect. Except Geas gives the Charm effect. And Geas's charm does not have the condition; "the effect ends if you or your allies harm the target". Since every other charm based spell has this clause, I believe people sort of overlook it. Charm effect states;

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A charmed creature can't attack the charmer or target the charmer with harmful abilities or magical effects.

The charmer has advantage on any ability check to interact socially with the creature.

The first one is what we'll be focusing on. This enables the Geas user to make sure their target can not fight back. And a sorcerer with subtle spell and with some random talking, buying enough time, can cast Geas on a Big Bad.

Making it so that the BBEG can not attack the sorcerer, or target them with harmful effects, even while the sorcerer is kicking their ass. The command of the Geas is irrelevant. As I doubt any geas command could surpass an until-cured lockdown of the target.

This leaves the target with 1 choice, which is to run away and have minions deal with the sorcerer(arguable if BBEG can even command the minions to hurt the charmer. But minions can probably act on their own anyway.), and having a spell that, with little set up, completely shut down an encounter is pretty cool. Im not even here to be like "Geas OP pls nerf", it is balanced in that it requires set up and planning. It is a very niche exploit of the Charmed condition.

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Im curious to hear you guy's thoughts about this. I find it quite cool and think it needs more recognition.

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