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Genie Warlock Shenanigans

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The new genie warlock released Tasha's Cauldron to Everything has presented us with new opportunities to use, abuse and misuse especially with their bottle's respite and sanctuary vessel abilities achieved at levels 1 and 10.

Genies Respite reads : As an action, you can magically vanish and enter your vessel, which remains in the space you left. The interior of the vessel is an extradimensional space in the shape of a 20-foot-radius cylinder, 20 feet high, and resembles your vessel. The interior is comfortably appointed with cushions and low tables and is a comfortable temperature. While inside, you can hear the area around your vessel as if you were in its space. You can remain inside the vessel up to a number of hours equal to twice your proficiency bonus. You exit the vessel early if you use a bonus action to leave, if you die, or if the vessel is destroyed. When you exit the vessel, you appear in the unoccupied space closest to it. Any objects left in the vessel remain there until carried out, and if the vessel is destroyed, every object stored there harmlessly appears in the unoccupied spaces closest to the vessel’s former space. Once you enter the vessel, you can’t enter again until you finish a long rest.

Sanctuary Vessel reads :

At 10th level, when you enter your Genie’s Vessel via the Bottled Respite feature, you can now choose up to five willing creatures that you can see within 30 feet of you, and the chosen creatures are drawn into the vessel with you.

As a bonus action, you can eject any number of creatures from the vessel, and everyone is ejected if you leave or the vessel is destroyed.

In addition, anyone (including you) who remains within the vessel for at least 10 minutes gains the benefit of finishing a short rest, and anyone can add your proficiency bonus to the number of hit points they regain if they spend any Hit Dice as part of a short rest there.

As you can see this is incredibly useful even though it is limited by a 1 per long rest. I will list a few uses.

When the battle is going bad teleport inside your vessel and take a long or short rest while your partys dying outside. Then tell your pact of the chain familiar to grab your vessel and fly away and perhaps if your at level 10 you can take your part along with you. All while taking a short rest.

Infiltrate an enemy base by making your imp familiar invisible and travelling inside the ring

These are just few of many shenanigans we can do with this.

Please comment down below on how you will use this feature.

Just remember you can only use this feature 1 per long rest

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