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Get Your DMing Act Together! Workflowy for D&D

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Fellow DMs!

I have long struggled with how to organise the copious amounts of information that I have to handle as a DM. Compound that issue with multiple campaigns running simultaneously in different settings and it really becomes a nightmare.

A few months ago, I found Workflowy, and it has changed the game for me.

Don't care to read about it?

I made a youtube video about it which I think explains the whole thing much better.

So what is it?

Workflowy is a web-based outliner with a free and paid tier.

The free tier is totally viable, and more info about how to do that later

What makes it special?

Workflowy allows you to create lists within lists. Specifically as bullet points. Really that it's.

Your bullet points can have as many sub-bullets as you want, and each sub-bullet can have as many sub-sub-bullets as you want, and so on and so forth to infinity.

BUT the real power is in the fact that EACH bullet point is it's own document and can be zoomed in on to see just it and it's own sub-bullets.

Just writing that, I'm realising it doesn't sound all that special, but it really is. You have to see it in action. 2:15 in the video is where I show that>

This combination of infinite lists and sublists lets you really store and organise any kind of information, from Lore, to NPCs, to recaps of what happened.. really anything.

Read:  I want to make sure I'm playing NPCs fairly. How would you have them react?

Pros and Cons


  • It's free!
  • Simple, easy to use and learn
  • Webapp, with desktop and cellphone apps


  • Free tier is limited, but you can get around that
  • Can't embed images
  • Can't create tables (but also a way around that, which I show here in the video)

Make the Free Tier more AWESOME!

The free tier only lets you create 250 bullets a month. The next month, you get 250 more, and then again the next month, etc etc.

If you don't use all your bullets in a month, they don't carry over

You get 100 extra bullets EVERY MONTH if you use my referral link below, and you get another 100 free every month for each person you refer.

Referral Link: Workflowy

Full Disclosure: By clicking the referral link rather than navigating to Workflowy's site directly, you will gain 100 free extra bullet points a month, and so will I. I am not a Workflowy employee, and this will have no financial benefit for me, but it would be nice for me to have access to some extra bullets every month!

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