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Getting our Ranger Back

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Aight, as mentioned in my other posts, our ranger is currently soulless, this is how we get him back. this'll be a short one because i'm tired and don't feel like posting the entire fight that lasted about 30 ish rounds

>Meet up with throwaway character our ranger made(tiefling sorcerer of draconic bloodline)

>Head to dungeon crawl

>Scout dungeon with a bat familiar

> See it's just a few statues and most likely an undead

>Oh how wrong we were

>We enter the room

>Deathlock Mastermind appears(we're all lvl 5 btw, this is CR 8)

>Says something about "If you want the treasure, face my challenge"

>He dissappears

>Calls forward his boi, an Earth Myrmidon(CR7)

>We fuck it up with minimum casualties and damage(as a group? 20 damage tops)

>He changes his doll to a fire myrmidon

>I use my last wish from the D.O.M(Deck of Many) to make us immune to the basic magic attacks of Myrmidons(they don't have non-magical attacks)

>We shred it to pieces

>Deathlock Mastermind starts complaining that these myrmidons are useless

>I mock him saying "Don't blame the elemental, blame the summoner Jackass!"(I'm a genasi)

>He gets mad and appears behind me to throw hands

>My clone gets to the other side of him and says "If you're gonna throw hands with me…"

>I finish his line, as our initiative had me right after my clone

>"You're gonna mess with both of us!" I say stabbing him in the back

>He uses a 5th level arms of hadar and knocks me unconcious

>Our sorcerer knows cure wounds and wakes my ass up

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>Deathlock goes invisible, my clone is able to detect where invisible beings are sorta like blindsight

>My clone tackles the shit outta the death lock and rolls a 22 to do so

>Death lock rolls a nat 1 on saving throw(+2 is 3)

>We all pelt him with either spells or magic weapons(Sorcerer spamming firebolt, wizard spamming ray of frost, and me attacking with Hew and a silvered Cutlass)

>Save the soul gem and get theren his soul back

>DM Reveals that we just killed 2 cr 7's and a cr 8

>Only I level up because I was the only one that killed the Doppelganger

>End Session

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