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Ghost town turns into dumpster fire! Pls help!

Content of the article: "Ghost town turns into dumpster fire! Pls help!"

So, Im a new DM running The Lost Mine of Phandelver on Roll20 with some people I met online on discord and my girlfriend. We were in our 5th session and I thought it would be nice to turn Cornyberry in to a literal ghost town full of ghosts and undead, the only real safe place was with the lonely Wip, an old gnome who lived there since before the vilage was destroid. I decided Wip was a real weirdo and talked to the ghosts as if they were their friends and kept his wife corpse and ghost in his basement. The player were hoping to find Agatha the banshee and the ghost village was on their way. It was getting dark when they arrived and the ghosts were getting more active. They found Wips house, but didnt search for traps so a bucket full of manure hit the player we will call H2O, who started to get suspcius and angry with Wip, the other players also found Wip suspcius but werent hostile and one of the players we will call Molly(who is my girlfriend) was actually friendly. They talked to Wip about the village and Agatha and decided to investigate his house (Wip was really weird). They eventualy found Wips basement and the ghost of his wife while Molly distracted him. H2O was very eager to confront the ghost and Wip but the ghost frightened almost all players and most of the players decided it would be best to let Wip take care of the situation calming the ghost of his wife. H2O in the other hand really disliked the idea of trusting the gnome and wanted to confront the ghost or walk away. Thats when the session got out of control, Molly trusted Wip and blocked H2O way to the basement, H2O ended up pushing Molly into the basemente were the two fell, these two players had a tension going on since the beggining, but never like that. Wip calmend the ghost but by this point Molly as a character and player was really pissed, H2O forced a confrotation in the basement with Wip (while Wip wanted them to go to the living room drink tea and talk, as a way of me as a DM to defuse the situation) and Wip told of how he was lonely and the ghosts were his friends when they were alive and are his only company now they are dead. H2O insisted that Wip had to burry his wife and find a way to exorcise the vilage, but the player being really agressive, they being guests in his house, and me quite losing control of what was happening, led to Wip trying to expel the adventurers from his house. By this point Molly was really really pissed and the other players only wanted the situation to calm down(i think). H2O tried to storm out but the paladin grabed him, there were ghosts outiside and I was quite panicking trying to think of a way of not end up killing H2O character, with him storming out alone into a ghost town full of monsters so I ended the session with Wip not really kicking them out, seeing the danger outside. I just dont know how to follow from here, pls, if any more experienced DM read this, help me.

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PS: English is my second language so sorry if gets hard to understand.

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