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Give me your advice on my end-game player buffs

Content of the article: "Give me your advice on my end-game player buffs"

Here we are – the end of my campaign.

Well, about 6 weeks away from the end. My players are closing in on level 19 with a plan to get them to level 20 in the next few weeks. Now, taking a leaf out of Critical Role’s divine blessings from Season 1, I’ve been cooking up blessings that suit each of my players’ classes and play-styles. They’ve had a looong road to reach these blessings, so they’re well-earned. And frankly, I don’t mind it too much if they’re game-breaking. One, they’ve already shattered the game, so that ship has sailed. And two, they’ve got a hell of a BBEG fight coming up. And three, eh, it’ll be badass.

For these blessings, I kind of wanted to invoke a Kai-o-ken-esque set of benefits and side effects.

Here’s the mechanics. Activating a blessing has the following side effects: – Lasts for 10 minutes – Mvmt speed is increased by 15ft – Drops if a player spends more than 1 round unconscious – Upon dropping, user suffers 3 levels of exhaustion and physically ages 1d4 years from the strain, which cannot be magically reversed

Now, for each of the blessings:

Arcane Trickster Rogue: – Can cast Misty Step as a reaction and without expending a spell slot

Archfey 3/16 Sorlock: – Regain 1/2 the damage he deals/round

Oath of Vengeance Paladin: – Gains an extra attack

Path of Berserker Barbarian: – Deals 4d6 radiant damage back at anything that attacks her, once/round (lifted straight from CR – thanks Matt Mercer)

Wizard/Fighter 3/16: – 1d8 of inspiration/round which can be added to any spell attack, spell damage, spell save, or concentration check

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There’s some flavor stuff in there too that pertains to each of the players that’s not worth explaining/doesn’t confer any other kind of mechanical advantage, but that’s the gist.

Now, what I’d love to hear from you is, do you sense relative equality between the magnitude of these blessings? Is any one blessing outshining or underperforming any of the others? Again, I’m not too worried about game-breaking stuff. They’re fighting an avatar of a god that is going to dole out a massive amount of hurting, and frankly they’re going to need everything they can get their hands on to eek out one final victory.

Thanks for reading, and looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

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