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Giving the party a nuclear bomb.

Content of the article: "Giving the party a nuclear bomb."

Aksis, Sav, Strahd, or Winston- if you’re reading this then please click off this post since an ungodly amount of spoilers lie ahead. With that out of the way, it’s time for some context. I’m currently running a continuation of my group’s past Curse of Strahd game where my PC became the new Dark Lord of Barovia. The game’s structure revolves around the party hunting down the villain’s henchmen before finally facing him in a climactic showdown. In a few sessions, the party will get their hands on a hand-held device that, when sabotaged, creates a multi-dimensional tear with the destructive potential of a small nuclear blast. My intention with this item is to have an npc hold it until the party faces a lich that regenerates it’s body within minutes after it is slain. As a sure fire way of destroying its phylactery (I plan on hinting that the phylactery is nearby, but inaccessible due to the protective measures taken by the lich), the npc will sacrifice himself by detonating the bomb while the players escape. This ties off the npc’s arc, who had spent the entire campaign running from danger and allowing others to get hurt/killed.

Now, my issue arises in the fact that my players are very creative and might try to use the item as a way of skipping a boss fight or just nuking the main villain’s lair. I don’t want to simply say they outright can’t use it, however this item could potentially derail a large portion of the story. I have ideas to place restrictions on how the device is detonated (requires a willing sacrifice, npc is the only one who knows how, etc), but I am not sure if there is a better way of handling this.

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Is there anything else I can do to make this work better? Or should I do away with the idea completely?

Edit: Party consists of a hexblade warlock/Paladin, life domain cleric, evocation wizard, and a lycanthropy Bloodhunter. The group will be level 15 at the time.

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