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GM Inspirations: A beautiful coral reef growing on the skeletal remains of a dragon.

Content of the article: "GM Inspirations: A beautiful coral reef growing on the skeletal remains of a dragon."

I apologize for the lack of posts this week, but I have been away from a computer the whole week teaching a group of youngsters how to sail. I'm also still exhausted from the past few days but still wanted to create something.

Among the ocean lilies and soft mud,

beneath the coral armor and fine silt,

behind the veil of blackish squid scud,

inside skeletal remains that never wilt…

there you’ll find the most treasured of Mathruab.

Mathruab was an ancient dragon that lived centuries ago and grew to a gigantic size. His wingspan was the size of a small town, (roughly 1.4 miles or 2.2 kilometers wide) There are very few ancient texts touching on the existence of Mathruab, and those that have been found are contradictory.

Some texts claim that Mathruab was a minor deity that protected a small village where a young maiden lived. These texts claim that she had captured his heart with her beauty and that he was reluctant to roam too far from the defenseless village. Other texts claim that Mathruab was an ancient evil that terrorized all the surrounding islands. It is argued that both versions of these texts could be true and that it depended on the author's perspective.

How he died is also contested. Some texts claim that he died of a broken heart when the maiden he loved died of old age. It is written that he curled up on her grave, and continued to cry until his tears formed the shallows. Ultimately, he drowned in his own sorrow. Other texts claim that he grew too greedy and died after he swallowed a gold plated treasure ship whole. The texts claim the main mast of the ship punctured his throat and pierced his main heart. Again some texts claim that he was struck down by a pagan deity, as punishment for his reign of terror on the pagan folk living on the surrounding islands.

What the texts do agree on is that Mathruab loved collecting treasure. It is said that he was paranoid about his treasure being stolen and that he swallowed his most valuable trinkets, storing them inside a second stomach-like organ void of any acids or fluids that could damage it.

Today the Bonereef Shallows is all that remains of the once-great dragon Mathruab. His grave has turned into a true paradise for oceanic wildlife. The shallows aren’t really that shallow, but the water is clear and the waves are few, allowing sailors to see the ocean bed from their ships.

An assortment of corals and anemones have grown over the skeletal remains of the humongous dragon, covering it completely. The skeletal coral reef is home to countless strange and exotic fish and other sea critters that flourish in shallows.

In the past, many brave souls have ventured to the Bonereef Shallows in search of the rumored treasures. Some of those that claim to have found treasure swear that it is cursed. Others yet claim that while it is entirely possible to find some valuable or wondrous trinket amongst the corals, the bulk of the treasure is buried beneath layers of silt, sand, and mud on the ocean floor.

Recently a ring of smugglers has established their base of operations inside the dragon’s skull, using one of the large eye sockets as an entrance to their hidden harbor. The area is secluded and except for the odd adventurer that visits to attempt a treasure dive, there is very little other traffic. Though there are perhaps more practical locations to operate a smuggling syndicate from, their leader has an obsession with dragons.

I hope this got your creative juices flowing or inspired you in some way. You can check out some of my other creations in my profile bio.

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