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GM Inspirations: Scholars recommend these pebbles for alleviating trauma. Just don’t– Let’s avoid the other, identical-looking one for now.

Red. It has to be red since her life force was red. Mix it with wild berries. Yes. And laughter. How to capture laughter? I'll come back to that. No time to ponder. No time. Innocence. Surely innocence will be a component. Like her smile. Yes. Smiling. Laughter. Perhaps if I extract laughter. No, I tried. Didn't work. Will come back to it. Red. So many flames. So much dried blood. I'll need to put it back. Perhaps wine? Berries? And her innocence. I'll need to find a substitute for innocence…

At the dawn of creation, when magic was still primal and powerful before the world's races had invented writing as a means to preserve and collect knowledge, lived a great man named Fahrami. He was called a Weizart, for he could do weird and wonderful things by tapping into unseen pools of raw power that he referred to as 'meijik.'

Fahrami loved to tinker and explore with meijik, and he created a collection of magical artifacts ranging from the mundane to the truly powerful.

One of these mundane artifacts were called memory pebbles. Fahrami lacked a method of preserving his thoughts, so he created small pebbles and infused them with ancient 'meijic' that is undetectable by normal means of detecting magic.

When tightly squeezing a pebble in your hand, the pebble would absorb your thoughts and feelings, pulling them into itself and removing them from your mind. Anyone could then press the pebble against their ear to instantly "know" the contents of the pebble, accompanied by any emotions that the creator felt at the time of filling the pebble. Fahrami used these pebbles as a diary to organize his thoughts and ideas.

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These pebbles are indistinguishable from ordinary river pebbles. While the exact number of memory pebbles in existence is unknown, scholars have estimated that several hundred of them are in circulation. Scholars also agree that the estimated number is arbitrary and that due to their appearance and ability to go undetected for millennia, it could be several thousand. They just don't know. A pebble that has been filled is always smooth and slightly warm to the touch. The contents can be erased by letting the pebble soak in water for two days. This allows the pebble to be reused. But if the pebble is left to soak in blood for two days, the contents become permanent and can never be erased again.

Tragically, Fahrami lost his daughter to a flash inferno during an experiment gone wrong. After this, Fahrami was never the same, withdrawing into himself as he slowly lost his mind.

Perhaps the most famous one of the memory pebbles is named the pebble of insanity. It's rumored to be the same engraved pebble that grave robbers pried from Fahrami's dead hands, still caked in dried blood. Many people have speculated that his pebble contains the mad ramblings of Fahrami's dying mind. While the contents of the pebble are guessed, one thing is certain; those that press the etched stone to their ears are instantly filled with grief so powerful, it breaks their mind, filling it with insanity.

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Some of the identified pebbles have been used in creative ways.

There is a secluded monastery in the Jade mountains where arcane warrior monks use these pebbles to clear their minds, helping them achieve a state of meditation that would otherwise be impossible. Due to their uninterrupted thinking, these monks have determined the answers to some of the biggest mysteries in life. When someone has a question that just can't be answered, the arcane warrior monks tend to know the answer.

It is not uncommon for pilgrims to journey into the perilous Jade mountains looking for answers to questions like "Who murdered the weeping deity?", "What happens to our souls after death?" and in some instances, "What was my teenage child thinking!?"

Another instance of these pebbles being misused from their original purpose is where a traveling group of free-spirited vagabonds, referring to themselves only as "veštiqua," use the pebbles to cure ailments of the mind.

For a price, the Veštiqua will cure people that have suffered from extreme trauma or other ailments that plague the mind by having the individual participate in various rituals. These rituals happen to include tightly gripping a small, smooth pebble while being submerged in lukewarm water under a crescent moon.

Perhaps the most bizarre use of the pebbles is by a nomadic tribe of warriors, referring to themselves as the nameless. When a new child is born in the tribe, a pebble is surgically implanted beneath the skin of the infant's palm. Once the child reaches adulthood, the stone is removed during a ceremony, erasing a lifetime's worth of memories, making them a true nameless.

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