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GM Inspirations: Tiny bottled nymphs, their advantages, and how to get one.

Content of the article: "GM Inspirations: Tiny bottled nymphs, their advantages, and how to get one."

Lupelirle Gems

She had been my companion for many decades, and I always thought I would be the one leaving her behind as she never seemed to age. We could never touch, for we were separated by glass, but that didn’t matter. I don’t know what her voice sounded like. I’m not even sure if she even had a voice. She loved me, I think. I know we had a connection unlike any other imagined.

Now all I have left of her is the shards of broken glass from the bottle that had been her home for so long. When the bottle fell and shattered on the ground, the water that had been inside seeped into the soil. As the liquid disappeared, so did she.

A piece of me died in that moment, and the world suddenly seemed filled with despair.

Lupelirle gems are small, perfectly formed orbs resembling pearls. They are entirely covered with tiny, detailed eldritch etchings and the gem always feels warm when held in one’s hand. They are seemingly impossible to shatter, even when struck with a hammer or dropped from great heights.

The gems are very valuable and rare. The pearlike gem also emits a faint aura of magic, and a soft “shimmering” noise can be heard if pressed close to one’s ear.

When the gem is submerged in water overnight and touched by the rays of a full moon, it dissolves. In its place, a tiny ethereal water nymph is formed.

The nymph is restricted to the body of water where it was “born” and can not move beyond it. Should the water evaporate or disappear through some other means, the nymph also disappears forever.

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The nymph forms a strong but silent empathetic bond with the first person it sees after coming into existence. A powerful spiritual bond is formed. As long as this person is within 5 feet of the nymph, they feel calmer and entirely at peace. The world seems brighter, and they have clarity of thought. They also have heightened empathy for all other living beings. This has led individuals that are aware of the gems' true nature, to keep the nymph in a bottle of water that can be worn around one’s neck.

Though they are rare, it is not uncommon for very high ranking diplomats and counselors to wear a bottled nymph on their person. They are also sought after by collectors and mages.

No one is entirely sure how the Lupelirle gems were created. Due to the eldritch etchings on them, it is clear that they aren’t naturally occurring. There are rumors that they are actually eggs from some fae creature. Others believe they were created by a merfolk deity and gifted to land dwellers during peace negotiations. Some believe they are in fact cursed, created by a sinister entity for the sole purpose of causing grief and despair once the nymph inevitably disappears.

I hope you enjoyed this little piece and that it will inspire your own creations! If you want more you can always check out some of my other creations like the Crystalline Lair.

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