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GMs hate it! Learn how to make the best decisions as a Barbarian

Content of the article: "GMs hate it! Learn how to make the best decisions as a Barbarian"

TL;DR Made a program in C that tells you your average damage against an AC of your choice and it includes the feat Great Weapon Master aswell. The program is at the bottom of the post.

I've been playing dnd for two months now and I've been loving it, was interested in making a Bear Totem Barbarian that uses the Great Weapon Master feat.

Started looking online when to use the feat and when not to but I couldn't find anyprograms on the matter, only this formula over and over again: https://forums.giantitp.com/showthread.php?472938-Great-Weapon-Mastery-How-to-5-10-Like-a-Pro . I think it's a great formula if you want to make it quick, however it doesn't consider class features which can have a big impact on the feat.

So I've decided to run a program specifically for barbarians , as they have lots of features that are important for attacking, such as: rage, reckless attack, extra attack and brutal critical (1,2.3).


The program starts with asking your barbarian level, this is important because you won't have all those nice features listed before at level 1. When you unlock level 2 the program will always attack with advantage (because of reckless attack), as a Barbarian you should always be attacking with advantage, even if the enemy AC is 1, you'll have a higher chance of making brutal criticals.

Next it will ask the number of dice you'll use if you hit: if using 1d6 put 1, 2d10 put 2 and so on.

Next it will ask the value of the dice: if it's a d10 you put 10. If using two or more don't put the sum, let's say you have 2d8, you'll put 8, NOT 16.

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Next is the enemy AC: put to see how much damage you'll do on average against that AC.

Next is the sum of all attack modifiers, such as strenght modifier and proficiency bonus, anything that helps you must be added. What if something affects you negatively? Well you give it a negative value. Lets say you have a +4 (+2 STR and +2 PROF) but the you have the -5 from GWM, your total attack modifier will be -1.

Next is the sum of all hit modifiers: aside from your hit dice you'll also have some nice and hurtful modifiers, such as strenght, rage and any other stuff. Lets not forget the beatiful +10 from GWM, add that one in as well. Here's an example: <+2 STR>+<+2 RAGE>+<+10 GWM> = 14, you'll put 14.

Last but not least: Write 1 if you're using the GWM feat, 0 if you want to see your average damage without it, the reason I added this option is because if you crit while possessing this feat you'll be able to make a weapon attack with your bonus action, you just need to have the feat.

Now the program will simulate 10'000 turns of you attacking and once it's done it will tell you your average damage against that AC.


  1. Could I use this program for another class as well? No, the program includes lots of barbarian features, so you wouldn't get useful values.
  2. If I multiclass is the program still useful? Depends, if you have a level 17 Barbarian and decide to dwell 3 levels into Sorcerer (idk why you would do that) it won't make a huge difference, just put 17 in the program, NOT 20.
  3. Why does it simulate 10'000 turns? In order to give you a close to precise average, remember we are dealing with dice that have 20 sides, so if you want a reliable average in the long run 10 turns of simulations won't cut it.
  4. I know how to program and I have to say: this is one of the most poorly written programs I've ever seen! Are you an amateur or just retarded? Yes( I just know the very very basics of programming in C) .
  5. I don't know anything about programming, but after reading the 4th question how do I know your program even does what it's supposed to do? The program works fine, the way I wrote it was very simple, I used the basics, the ones you learn after 3 hours of studying C. Immagine the are 2 adventurers who have to cross a river. The first one is smart and skilled in survival, while the second one barely knows how to light a fire. The first one will make splendid boat, in little time and that allows him to cross the river in a few minutes, while the second one will start making a raft, be done in 10 hours and then it takes another hour to cross the river, but the raft is solid and it won't break.
  6. This is nice and all, but where is the program? Coming.
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After you open the link, click RUN in the top left corner. After you put the desired value press Enter. If you put the wrong value and already pressed Enter click STOP, the one in red at the top and click RUN again.

Also be sure the language the compiler is using is "C".

Link: https://onlinegdb.com/BklzLbqXZw

Source: reddit.com

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