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Golly, gosh, Ghouls! – a one-page adventure where the players must travel to the legendary lost pyramid in order to save the Emperor of an Aztec Tribe who has been turned into a Ghoul by an evil Witch Doctor.

See the PDF version of the adventure here.

The adventure is meant to be pretty lighthearted, but you can tweak it to be a more dramatic/serious story as well.

It works for any level (there are no premade stat blocks for NPCs, you can adjust the difficulty by changing the strength of the enemies according to your players' character level and experience).


The Emperor and many warriors of an Aztec Tribe have been turned into the Ghouls after they drank potions made by the evil Witch Doctor (Mundungu). The players must investigate the local black market, figure out what's going on, and travel to the lost ancient pyramid where they can brew the antidote (if they can defeat the Mundungu and his ghoul army).

Ghoulish Affair

Players arrive at the City of Suns following the rumors about the legendary fountain of youth. The city is in chaos – their Emperor and many great warriors have been turned into ghouls.

At the palace the players meet the 11 year old prince (who has been running the city for the past few days) and the Emperor – a horrible ghoul chained to his throne.

Talking to the prince reveals that before his transformation, the Emperor went somewhere with a shady hulking figure. On their way out of the throne room the players notice the described figure lurking in the shadows.

Follow the For’es

The burly figure belongs to Buh’rute For’es – Mundungu’s minion, sent there to keep an eye on the Emperor. The players can track him to the black market. If he spots them, he can be fooled – he’s not the brightest, but is very loyal to his boss, and very strong (think Kronk from The Emperor's New Groove).

At the Black Market

Players investigate the black market and interrogate the various vendors. There are rumors that a local shaman has been selling new vitality potions, claiming that they grant unparalleled strength and stamina.

The owner of an exotic pet shop will demand that players buy one of his terrible creatures (dogfish, a snake with arms, a reverse griffon, etc) before he will point the players in the direction of the apothecary, where the shaman conducts his business.

Perilous Potions Peddler

The players will find themselves at a rundown apothecary, a home to the creepy shaman. He is a cowardly old man who Mundungu was using as a stooge to peddle his potions. The players can persuade or intimidate him to help. He will tell players about Mundungu and the ancient Aztec Temple where he’s using the Cursed Fountain to make potions (which can also be used to create antidotes).

Through the Jungle

On their way to the Temple the players will have to make their way through the jungle. They will encounter sentient carnivorous plants, lights that are trying to lure adventurers into the swamp, and a flesh-craving tree-octopus that can disguise itself like a chameleon.

Into the Temple of Doom

Once the players enter the temple of doom they will have to navigate through the various traps. These traps can include a snake pit, a giant boulder, and a pressure plate triggering darts. Once they have survived or disabled these traps, they will reach the Cursed Fountain in the middle of the pyramid.

At the Cursed Fountain

Mundungu and his army of ghouls are busy using the fountain to produce the potions.

Mundungu is a Voodoo Witch Doctor wearing a spiffy tophat. Discovered the Cursed Fountain and used it to brew the potions that turn people into ghouls he can control. Dreams of taking over the City of Suns and becoming the next Emperor.

Mundungu controls the temple using a golden idol he’s hiding in his tophat, and can use the temple's defenses (wines, wall-mounted darts, floor pits) as his weapons. The players have to defeat him and his ghouls (without killing them, since they’re innocent victims), and gain control of the fountain which they can use to brew the antidote.


Once cured, the Emperour will be eternally grateful and offer the players some treasure as a reward and tell them they are forever welcome in the city. The Fountain curse can be lifted so it can be used to produce health potions, or it can stay cursed and produce bioweapons.


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