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Good for Experienced Players But Not Beginners?

Content of the article: "Good for Experienced Players But Not Beginners?"

One comment I see a lot on this subreddit is that X class, subclass or feat is good for experienced players, but not for beginners. While I think there is truth to this statement, after having started DMing for the first time over the last few months, player disposition/personality is often as important of a factor, if not a more important factor when considering if something is appropriate for a player. This may go without saying and seem fairly obvious, but the problem is that sometimes DMs and others discourage new players from playing what they want because they are told that it is too complex and bad for inexperienced players. While in some cases this might be true, it is far more of a case by case judgment than anything.

My first DnD character was a Moon Druid, which from what I read on the internets, was supposed to be a very difficult and overwhelming subclass to play due to the volume of wildshapes you can access at low levels, and the additional tracking of stats. But being the highly detail oriented analytical person I am I really dug into the rules and found playing this subclass to be rewarding, far more than challenging or overwhelming.

On the other hand, I am DMing with a mix of new and somewhat experienced players and I am noticing that a couple of the players struggle with some of the relatively basic mechanics for longer than I'd expect. But both of the players in question are very much in it for the role play/storytelling aspect and don't spend much time out of game thinking about optimal spell choices, optimizing action economy etc. This speaks to more of a difference in personality and/or what someone wants to get out of the game, rather than whether a subclass is a bad choice for a beginner. Which leads me to think that a far more vital questions to ask is not whether a subclass is good for beginners but if it fits for what they want to get out of the game and how they want to approach the development of their character. Again, this should be obvious, but I think a lot of people still default to X class is good for beginners and Y is not.

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