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Good Intentions

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Be me, a bard whose party is currently stuck in a time loop.

Every day we relive the same Pudding Festival in the village. Only way to break the loop is to right all of the wrongs that are being committed against innocent villagers by an entity who has a grudge with the village.

Be not me, NPC pie-eating champion who we know from already living the day twice will get falsely accused of cheating and be disgraced.

I've managed to scare away his accuser from attending the pie-eating contest this time by using message to make him think he's being haunted, but I'm hanging around the contest to make sure nobody else is involved in the framing.

See contest attendant bump into the champion NPC shortly before the contest starts. Figure that's how the pies got placed in the champion's pockets. I go over to the champion and tell him I want to show him a pie magic trick.

I attempt to roll sleight of hand to get the pies out of his pockets and act like I made them appear.

Mfw I roll a nat 1.

NPC demands to know why I'm shoving my hands in his pockets. Tell him I'm more a singer and I'm practicing my magic. I have made pies appear in his pockets.

Mfw when he says there are no pies in his pockets and his wallet isn't there either.

Figure the attendant must have pickpocketed him not tried to frame him. Tell him it's part of the magic trick and I call the attendant back over. I pat down the attendant and roll a dirty 20 for sleight of hand to get the champion's wallet back.

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Mfw the only wallet the attendant had was his own and I just stole it.

Hurriedly throw the attendant's wallet at the champion and awkwardly say "Tadah" before sprinting away. Champion happily says it's the first time he's been robbed and ended up with more money. Attendant starts crying out for the sheriff. I need to hide.

Mfw I realize I'm a seven foot tall Minotaur in a gnome village.

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