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Got a question I would really like a opinion on.

Content of the article: "Got a question I would really like a opinion on."

Hey, I've been talking to my boyfriend about this and its been on my mind for a while. Since getting into jojo's, I've been thinking what would be the best way to recreate one in d&d and currently, the main focus for creating a stand requires a UA monk subclass that may or may not come out in tasha's, the path of the astral self monk, but even then, it requires 17 levels of the subclass to manifest and a full on, quote-on-quote "stand". I, however, have a much simplier idea and a much more flexible one when it comes to building a stand user. This being the Kalashar race that appears in Eberron's book. Since they appear practically human, but with a spirit that dwells within them that more often then not, doesn't talk, but can do things depending on the spirit and its personality. This frankly the more I read it, the more this can basically sum up stand users. They even get flavour text when channeling the spirit like eye glowing or possibly even stand auras. Plus their telepathic ability could easily explain stand talking. The only thing this requires is a reflavouring of your class abilities as applying to the spirit within you, coming out of you, maybe by calling its name and performing the task you want it to. Imagine if say, to make our favourite french boi from part 3, making him a Kalashar fighter battle master with dueling would fit very well and more in character then a astral self monk. Plus nothing mechanically changes besides explaining to the DM if say you have plate armour, that your not the one wearing it, but your stand, but in game terms, your AC hasn't changed nor anything mechanically, just that your AC reflects your spirit's ability to protect you instead of a direct attack against you, which you can totally do and as a DM, if they use the example that the stand wears the armour, to treat your character as unarmed and calculating their AC as if they were not wearing the armour if enemies attempt to strike the user directly and of course, if the spirit is harmed, so is the Kalashar since they are bound together from birth, so this is a very easy way to explain that hurting the spirit hurts their hosts.

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But what do you think the best way is to create a stand user in d&d that doesn't mechanically change things: Way of the Astral self monk or Kalashar with basically any classes you wanted, depending on the type of stand your Kalashar uses.

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