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Got over excited and maybe backed myself into a weird plot corner. Ideas? Long read, sorry.

Content of the article: "Got over excited and maybe backed myself into a weird plot corner. Ideas? Long read, sorry."

If you know the name Aego the Wise get out of here and see you sunday.

tl;dr at bottom

Hey all.

I'm a fairly new dm having run maybe 12 ish sessions by this point. I've run a party of new players through most of lost mines and it's been alright. I'm now working on transitioning into Storm King's Thunder, and may have gotten a bit ahead of myself.

So my party was split because one player couldn't make it. The main group went from Phandalin to Neverwinter to Thundertree. I had an idea that I teased along the way that I thought would be fun and get everyone excited, and boy did it. Basically I thought it would be cool to introduce a silver dragon as part of the transition into SKT. but never really formed and strong reasons for why he was involved. I got caught up in the "this would be neat" and left it there. Oops. Synopsis of the session(s) below with the dragon's involvement so far. Party is level 3.

So they kept seeing this glimmering object in the sky miles away each day or so of their travel. This is relevant later. They eventually make it to Thundertree and are spooked by the stuff there and then run into "Reidoth" who they had been looking for, but it wasn't Reidoth. taking some inspiration from some other posts I'd seen around I ran it so that Venomfang had captured Reidoth and was posing as him in mediocre polymorphed fashion. Two of my players were like "Hey sweet it's Reidoth" and the other was very suspicious and not wanting anything to do with it.

Eventually through some rp stuff one of my players who had been into going with Reidoth/Venomfang got suspicious and whipped a dagger at her and then POOF green dragon. Lot's of "ohshitohshitohshits" and a few initiative rolls later they're fighting, terrified, and getting their asses handed to them. My cleric got a few massive inflict wounds off, and took serious damage in return, barbarian takes a swing and a miss, rogue does some ranged stuff. At this point the glimmering object makes it's entry. An adult silver dragon significantly larger than Venomfang, a young green dragon, comes in hot from the sky, stomps Venomfang's neck, and rips her throat out. Then towering over the pc's with blood dripping from his teeth he says, "Have you been harmed little ones?" Boom session end, lots of yelling, me feeling proud of the fun homebrew stuff.

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Now to my other player. I ran a one on one pretty much purely rp session with him. He gets a letter from a courier in Phandalin saying he's needed back at the House of Knowledge in Neverwinter where he's done all his wizardly learning. They call him back, tell him about this new type of magic they've discovered that forces learning. They say giants are stirring, Oghma has chosen him to gather knowledge of what the giants are doing, so read this book and it forces you to learn giant. He reads the book, has a weird time, and then passes out and finds himself in a dream world(happens fairly frequently with his character).

In the dream sequence I heavily foreshadowed some events from SKT that are coming up/ have already happened but they don't know. He finds himself in the presence of the Allfather and witnesses the shattering of the Ordning. He then sees King Hekaton crying in his throne, a matching one next to him empty. After that hes falling and sees the soon to be dead Queen Neri bleeding out on a beach surrounded by small folk. He hears her last words "It is no the fault of the small folk" and then finds himself on top of Icespire peak with ice whipping around and a big silver dragon on an outcropping. Dragon tells him to hop on and they dive from the mountain. It's night time and hes looking out over the hills and sees the lights of Phandalin in the distance and then the dragon lands near triboar which is under attack by fire giants. Fire giant hurls a body that lands at the players feet, and the face is burned into his memory. Someone they'll meet in triboar eventually. Dragon says to him "The giants are stirring," and he wakes up from this dream to realize 4-5ish days have passed.

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He sets out for Thundertree to find the rest of the party, and after making his way through the ruined and mostly cleared town he comes upon the end of the fight with the green dragon. Silver dragon makes his entry, kills greeny, "Have you been harmed little ones?" and then looks to the wizard and says "I see you've made it little elf." Surprise it's the silver dragon from his dream. Session ends. All players are now in the same spot for the next session on sunday, the main party doesn't know the other player has arrived, and the next session will start with that.

I'm pretty proud of all of the homebrew I've inserted into this bit to transition, and I put in some info along the way to keep them on track with lost mines for now until that's done. I'm struggling to come up with why the dragon is involved though, and why it's approaching my party. It living on Icespire Peak, it could have been in a humanoid form in Phandalin and seen them/heard of them and become interested maybe. While I think on it, any suggestions?

Thanks all!

tl;dr Working on transitioning from lost mines to storm king's thunder. Silver dragon killed Venomfang in front of my players, same silver dragon was already in another player's dream. Thought it would be cool and fun, and it was, but forgot about the why. Why is the silver dragon involved at all?

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