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Gotta gush about the Soulknife

Content of the article: "Gotta gush about the Soulknife"

In anticipation of Tasha's appearing soon I built a Soulknife Rogue at level 11 for our current campaign (my previous character died because of an unfortunate incident involving a Flumph). After diving into the class, I'm incredibly excited to play it and want to sing its praises here.

So why should you play a Soulknife?

  • The subclass is SAD (only requires DEX for its class features) so it gives you a lot of room to customize your build. As a Rogue you get lots of skill proficiencies and expertises, so you can build what you want: party face, knowledge expert, sharp eye and lie detector, whatever! This also allows you to multiclass very easily if you want to. Whether you should is a different matter, since the Soulknife Rogue does nearly everything by itself already.

  • It's an extremely versatile subclass. Rogues can already do lots of things thanks to Cunning Action and Expertise, but the Psionic Talent options increase your skillset even more with Maneuver-like abilities that add another dice to your skill checks and attack rolls when needed (ensuring Sneak Attack dmg), give you an equivalent of Rary's Telepathic Bond, a better version of Misty Step, 10 minute long invisibility at command, and even a minute-long stun at lvl 17 if the leaks are to be believed. You're a Fighter, Monk and Bladesinger rolled into one class, and that's on top of all your classic Rogue abilities.

  • Your Psychic Blades are a deceptively powerful ability. You get a d6 psychic knife that appears in your hand when you attack, can be thrown if needed (at 60 ft no less, without disadvantage) and deals psychic damage. When you use it, you can make another similar knife attack as a bonus action for a d4. So what's the big deal? First, the knives can be thrown, which opens up the new Thrown Weapon Fighting Style for +2 damage per hit (changed from +1 according to leaks), for a cool +7 damage at 20 DEX, with both attacks. (not to mention it frees you from any worries over ammo or free action usage) Second, the knives deal psychic damage, which is bad against constructs but great against nearly everything else. No need for magic weapons against fiends, for example. And if you do encounter constructs, regular knives still work perfectly. Third, and perhaps most important, the bonus action attack lets you add your DEX modifier to your damage, increasing your DPR by quite a lot. With Thrown Weapin Style and 20 DEX you make 2 attacks for 1d6/d4+7 each, and you add your Sneak Attack as well. And remember, you should rarely miss because you can add your Psionic dice to your attack rolls.

In addition to all the above, I personally love the flavor of a Githzerai who conjures his weapons with the power of his mind, which is something the race needed in my humble opinion (I'm a Gith fan). They reworked the dice mechanic to be 2x prof mod dice/long rest now, with one dice recharged per short rest (no more growing and shrinking dice). I expect that gives you a nice number of dice to use on your powers. Can't wait to find out this weekend!

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