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GPT-3 AI-written adventures

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I've been obsessed with GPT-3 today, the new writing AI that's making waves. It has obvious potential in writing RPG adventures!

I fed it some areas from Lost Mine of Phandelver (Cragmaw Caves, rooms #2, 3, and 8). It started generating imperfect but fascinatingly plausible new rooms for the goblin caves. Check them out! (Again – I didn't write these, an AI did. This is unedited. I know there are errors. But think of the potential!)

The chamber you enter is lit by a row of torches. In the center of the chamber is a pool of water, about 10 feet across and 10 inches deep. The water extends through a short tunnel to another pool of water, this one only 5 feet across and 3 inches deep. A ledge extends along three sides of the small chamber, short enough that a human child could leap across it. The fourth side is the tunnel leading onward. The ledge is about a foot below the water level, so that water continuously washes over it.

Along the ledge are plastic jugs of water and piles of wood scraps, enough to indicate that the goblins have been using it as a campsite. A goblin child sits on the edge of the small pool, fishing with a sharpened stick.

You see three tunnels from here, along with the ledge and the small pool.



You crawl through a low tunnel into a larger cavern, large enough to stand in. The cavern is filled with goblins, mostly children, though you see some adolescents and adults here as well. Torches line the walls of the cavern, giving you light to see by. The cavern continues to slope downward into the mountain, but the passage here narrows into a tight crawlspace.

A pile of wood scraps lies here, the remains of the goblins' last campfire.

If you are considering setting the wood scraps on fire to give the goblins a surprise, make a INT check.

A DC 13 Wisdom Check reveals that goblin children are far too small to move the pile of wood scraps.

A DC 15 Wisdom Check would lead you to believe that this space is just too small for an adult human, even a small one like yourself.



The tunnel leads into a larger cavern with a pit in the middle. The pit is actually a large tube, sloping down into the mountain and widening as it goes. The tube ends in a pile of rocks, which collapses into the tube every time the goblins roll a rock into the tunnel. When this happens, goblins riding on the rolling rock fall into the tube as well. The tube leads deeper into the mountain, out of your reach.

A ledge surrounds the large cavern, accessible by a single tunnel at the back of the cavern. On the ledge are piles of wood scraps and discarded toys from the goblins' campsite here. The ledge also holds a single tunnel leading onward.

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You crawl through the passage to find yourself in a cavern, the ledge of which extends into a wide flat plane that gradually slopes downward. The cavern extends downwards as far as you can see, sloping gradually and widening far too much for you to hope to jump across.

On the other side of the cavern is a ledge similar to the one you are on now, connected by a tunnel. On the ledge are piles of bones, mostly from animals, but you see the polished skulls of several humans and orcs among them. The ledge extends around the cavern, with tunnels leading onward.



You drop through the passage onto a ledge just 1 foot below the level of the cavern floor, sloping downward like a slide. The ledge extends around the cavern, with tunnels leading onward.

You see what looks like fresh droppings of some animal on the ledge here, too fresh to be comfortable.

You are considering jumping down to the cavern floor, when you feel a gust of wind coming up from the cavern.

It isn't actually a slide at all, merely an air tunnel!

The gust of wind becomes stronger, threatening to blow you off the ledge altogether.

A DC 15 Strength Check is required to hang on and stay on the ledge.

If you succeed, you manage to hang on for dear life as the air tunnel whisks you away into the darkness.

If you fail, your bones will be joining the pile of bones below.



The air tunnel drops you into a cavern with a well in the middle, surrounded by a rock wall half the circumference of the cavern and sloping gradually inward like a funnel. The ledge of this cavern extends outwards, and you see three tunnels leading onward.

However, you also see a mound of glowing green mold in the center of the cavern, probably the reason for the air current in the first place. It looks comfy, and you are feeling quite tired.

A DC 15 Intelligence Check is required to come up with a reason the mold isn't dangerous.

If you succeed, you remember that mold is just a type of fungus, and as such is required to help the earth grow, like the rest of the mushrooms here. The green glow is probably just a result of the mold eating insects or something similar. If you fail, you realize that the green glow of the mold is extremely similar to the glow of the goblins eyes, and it piles on your fear.



There is no light source within sight of the chimney, and the only thing illuminating it is a flickering red glow coming from the chimneyside rocks. In fact, you could swear that something was watching you from those rocks! There are two wolves in this part of the cave; one stands guard near the entrance to area 4 while its mate patrols along the eastern edge of area 6. The lone wolf stands motionless, staring at nothing in particular. Its eyes are wide and wild, and it looks ready to spring at any moment. The lone wolf is about the same size as the lone wolf guarding area 3; its fur is completely gray instead of black like most wolves.

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In the middle of the room, staring in horror at the red rocks, is a young girl dressed in impractical yet fancy clothes. The intensity of her stare makes her eyes seem to glow. The young girl wears a short-sleeved dress of scarlet silks embroidered with golden thread. A golden bracelet encrusted with scarab beetles is wrapped around her right wrist. A golden ring carved in the shape of a rooster stands out against her elegantly painted toes. On her head is a crown of roses that has long since lost its petals, leaving only a metal band. Her hair is golden blonde and flows past her shoulders. You can't see her face yet, but she seems young, no older than 10 or 11. A pack of wolves dwells in the cave, and this is their home territory. With no light to speak of, you cannot tell what lurks in the blackness.


The red glow comes from a single rose flower that sits on a silver platter next to a dead body. The girl who you saw in your dreams sits beside the corpse, her golden hair obscuring her face. A full moon shines upon the young girl who sits over the corpse. The radiance reveals her porcelain-white skin and her sparkling blue eyes that tints red whenever she blinks.



One tunnel slopes upward, one slopes downward, and one remains level. The upward sloping tunnel leads back toward the city, according to your memory. The downward sloping tunnel leads into utter darkness.

Org, a well-armed bugbear, stands guard here. Org watches every tunnel with a careful eye, and is not above beating a hasty retreat back down the tunnels if something threatens. He is stubborn, however, and will not leave the fork.

"Go away, boy," he growls in broken common, his eyes shifting to follow you even though he does not move his head. "Org doin' nuffin'. You go away." He has a small treasure chest here. It contains 50 gold coins.

The downward sloping tunnel leads into utter darkness. You recognize this as a compartment of the mine. A dead end. It is unfortunately stuffed with web, which you now find yourself stuck inside.

Gargoyles are strange creatures that lure prey into their webs with their mesmerizing gaze and acidic blood, then lay their eggs in the remains to feed later.

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"Now you die, meat," the gargoyle says in Common, licking his lips.



At the top of the chimney is a steep drop to area 7. There are no handholds on either side of the chasm, and falling off would be fatal. The chimney slopes away from you, and only one way up or down exists: a rope ladder leading back down to the bottom of the cave.

There are two ways to climb down. One is to swing down the rope ladder, and then pull yourself along it until you find a handhold. The second option is to jump off the chimney and onto the ledge below. Either way, you fall 60 feet before hitting hard ground. You take 5d6 bludgeoning damage on impact and are knocked prone on the rocky floor.

If you choose to go down the rope ladder, roll a D20: 1-5 Climb down safely. 6-10 Fail to descend safely. 11-15 Fall off the edge of the cliff and die. 16-20 Fail to descend safely.


You come across an excellent rope ladder dangling down the chimney from area 7. Someone has been here recently enough to leave this behind!

A human's dirty bare feet and legs hang over the side of the cliff, and you see a longsword strapped to his back.

"Hello there," he calls down softly. "I didn't expect someone else to be out here. I'm stuck and can't climb up or down. Give me a hand and I'll help you out in return. I'm not from around here, so I'm just as lost as you are."

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