Dungeons & Dragons Online

Grand Theft Walker(Star Wars)

Be me: Veris; Sith(Race, not religion) Force Adept

Be not me: DM, Violet; Human Scout, Kost; Kaleesh Soldier (Player couldn't make the session), Narssk; Trandoshan Jedi Guardian

Narssk walks one of the enemies off and interrogates them…

Intimidation roll… he gets a reasonable story.

Repeat with all the surviving enemies…

One of them mentions a commander who may be out on patrol.

He's asked further about the commander

Narssk calls Veris over… he walks over with a blaster taken from his comrades.

Narssk asks Veris to take over the interrogation… Veris just aims the blaster at the poor prisoner's groin and asks them to give their information.

He breaks and gives us info on identifying commanders and helps us resolve the current issue with another squad likely coming for us

We lay him in front of the radio… still watching him for any foul play as he makes a false radio call.

Narssk destroys the radio so the prisoners couldn't possibly get at it… hopefully those don't have a silent tracking ping

Violet asks what the plan is now with Walrus Team Four incapacitated… Veris suggests we destroy the enemy base without them.

Narssk asks one of the wounded how they were to keep in contact with the friendly base.

No response from the unconscious… go to search their things as the DM mentions the friendly Sniper.

Violet goes to get the sniper as the DM tells us all the helmets that could've housed a comm are pretty much destroyed.

Veris heals himself as we keep the area secure for the arriving rescue team.

They bring a new set of soldiers to replace WT4

Narssk interrogates them as to their specialties and training… a medic, an explosives/heavy weapons expert, and a general weapons expert.

We continue to scavenge some material getting a thermal detonator for the heavy.

Narssk instructs the new team to organize.

The old team's sniper gets relegated to support sniping with the new team medic.

Narssk asks Veris if he can have the Droids be stealthier… Veris walks over and instructs the commander droid, T-88, on having the battle droids be quieter.

The dropship takes as many of the prisoners as they can back to base as we make our way off toward the enemy encampment!

We reach a good surveying hill and with our binoculars we see a squad of enemies double the size of the one the destroyed WT4.

Narssk calls for us to get down and we wait…

We have an hour to prepare…

We move out of their way and set traps along the rout.

Narssk's player notices our new teams is from TF2; the Demoman, Heavy, Medic, & Sniper

With the new amusement noted we prepare for the battle… two AT-STs, 20 Thugs, and the Commander.

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Violet: 23, Veris: 20, Narssk: 10

TF2: 17, Clankers: 20

The enemy: AT-ST 21, Commander 12, Soldiers 12

We wait for them to hit the landmines before engaging… 1/4th of the enemy squad vaporized, a AT-ST at half health and the commander seriously injured.

The remaining troops fall back and hit the deck at the surprise minefield, fallowed by their commander.

Narrsk "Hold position, stay down and let them thing that was the end of it."

Veris "Aww, but I want to blow one up."

Narssk "You'll get your chance, their an AT-ST or the squad of them."

The chicken walkers back off and begin lobbing 'nades at the minefield area to try and clear it.

Veris peeks out to grab a mine and accelerate it at the enemies.

Move Object… 14. Enough weight… now how accurate is he?

Roll ranged attack… 16. Sounds like a kaboom!

Another three soldiers disintegrated.

The AT-ST's stop firing…

They seem to still not know we're here… just that the minefield is there.

They move another 20 feet back

The healthier AT-ST charges the minefield… takes a lot of damage

Accelerate another thermal detonator mine at the AT-ST…

Bad roll but it still hits! AT-ST goes down!

Top of the round as the finally notices something's up!


Holds init until after the AT-ST

AT-ST begins scanning for us… we're hiding behind a snowbank. Not much for actual cover.

It finds us and begins walking toward us!

Veris' turn! 500kg Snowball thrown at the AT-ST

Blocks their sight but little more…

The Soldiers work their way up… yeah no they don't see us, they barely see eachother.

Another mine accelerated at them vaporizes three more soldiers… these guys, it's like shooting fish in a barrel.

Their morale breaks and they try to flee! Que volley of 'nades from TF2 squad!

Huge blast damage to the enemies, seriously wounding the commander.

Narssk charges forward and leaps onto the remaining AT-ST!

Land on the foot… better than nothing?

Viole(n)t! Move up and fire on the solider crawling out of the wrecked AT-ST!

Shot him right in the face!

The AT-ST begins to flee with our Jedi… on the one hand the Jedi can't killjoy on the other hand we can't steal it if it runs away.

Force-pull the Commander to Veris… the droids execute him and take his credentials.

Narssk on the AT-ST… gotta get to the cab! Begin climbing!

Everyone but Narssk out of combat… Veris commlinks to Narssk "Mission accomplished, we've got the commander. Please bring the AT-ST back in usable condition."… left a message, the Jedi didn't answer while climbing.

Narssk is atop the AT-ST!

Narrsk begins cutting into the hatch!

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The two crew of the AT-ST leap out the view port rather than try and fight a Jedi.

Narssk in the pilot seat as they flee… he turns the blaster-cannons on them.

Disintegrate one of them.

The other one gets away into the snow and ice.

Walk the walker back to the party!

Upon seeing the walker return Veris says, "So… we've got credentials and a walker let's just walk right on into the enemy base."

Veris, the droids, and half the assault team begin to disguise themselves as the enemy as Violet and the other half of the assault team pile into the walker.

Radio back to base as we walk to the enemy location, they send some fighters to strafe the base once we're in.

We approach the enemy stronghold in our disguises and stolen AT-ST… THERE'S SO MANY ENEMIES

Call in our air-strike on the enemy base along with a holomap of the current enemy positions.

We take pot-shots at the fighters, intentionally missing, to try and appear like we're properly enemies while we approach the enemy encampment.

We walk in no problem and we get waved to a repair bay with our AT-ST visibly damaged.

Have the Sniper & Medic disembark and make it appear that the AT-ST is now empty while we chatter with

Spot two AT-TEs in the area… that's our new escape plan, destroy one and steal the other.

Telepathic message to everyone so we're on the same page about stealing it.

Our Dosh Jedi & Violet sneak out of the AT-ST

They quickly find people they could grab and steal the uniforms of.

Veris wonders off to find the generator room to place one of are demolition charges there while TF2 team similarly fans out to put the rest of the explosive charges…

The heavy and medic knock out two incredibly convenient enemies to get Narssk and Violet disguises.

Veris uses his stolen captain credentials to waltz right on into the generator room… there's a few technicians

Try to find somewhere to place the charge without the technicians noticing the bomb… 8 on the check.

They get a 7 on the detect roll!

Bomb, labeled as such and beeping once a second, placed obviously onto the reactor and the technicians are too distracted to notice.

We distribute bombs throughout the facility before Veris gets to the other AT-TE. Leveraging all his Officer credentials walks on it, places a bomb on the AT-TE power core and disembarks.

Tell nobody to board the sabotaged AT-TE and make our way to getaway AT-TE.

Veris tries to go for the Huge Kinetic Artillary… Narssk asks if he knows how to fire it…

Nope, Demoman you're up. Demoman is happy.

The Droids safe and sound in the troop hold as we fire up the legs and begin marching out.

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On the way out Veris presses the button… boom… Ka-BOOOOOOM! The reactor charge detonates

The facility shakes, the lights go out, and there's a HUGE chunk of base missing.

Next the one in the other AT-TE then the various support beams.

Then the various other ones on support beams… the entire facility collapses as we walk away with out new walker-tank.

We use the radio to call for a full-retreat to the enemies and open the passenger bay to take on some enemy troops to become prisoners.

Can't believe how well this is all working.

We radio ahead for a dropship to come for us, we're given pickup coordinates, and after an hour we reach the coordinates… not a lot is crazy enough to pick a fight with an AT-TE

The prisoners finally start suspecting us… Veris lets them know they've been had. That they're now prisoners of the Republic and we're responsible for destroying the base.

The Republic sets up a killbox and apprehends the prisoners.

Veris checks on the Droids… they're OK.

Go to find the commander… they're resistant to meeting the Sith so go find Narssk and get walked right into the command room

Veris claims the AT-TE belongs to the party… the commander is not happy about that.

Narssk makes a sensible deal that we could continue using it to help the Republic if we can keep the AT-TE…

Veris notes our ship could carry an AT-TE as if it were a Republic Dropship with minor modifications.

Narrsk politely relays that to the commander.

Veris: "Thank you for helping with that."

Narssk: "I cannot deny the usefulness of a vehicle of that kind but we will not be taking it on all missions"

Veris: "Of course, as fun as it is it is loud and there are some things best done quietly."

Huge payday paired with our gargantuan new ground vehicle.

Level up and end of session!

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