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[GURPS] [Adventures in Harkwood] The Reptile Men arc, Part 1: Kidnappings, Deserts and Towers

Be Me, Halfling Ranger

Be not me, Half-elf Druid-in-Training, Human Squire, Human farmer boy, pet fox

previous arc had us proving our innocence of a crime we did not commit, and doing community service for the crime we did commit

farmer boy finds employment with the local lord to work in the stables

six Months Later….

word travels of reptile man raids on nearby farmsteads

including farmer boy's home

gets permission from the local lord to have squire accompany him to his family farm, along with both me and half-elf

get to the family farm

most of the family is fine, but farmer boy's two older brothers are heavily injured

worse yet, farmer boy's younger sister got kidnapped

farmer boy is upset, and decides to go after the reptile men

they've unfortunately gone into the great desert

squire highly objects at first, but is convinced by the rest of us to head into the desert

stop by another place to buy a mule and get some water, then head into the desert

use pet fox to track the scent of the sister

after a couple nights, we see a big tower in the distance

after some scouting, I see one lone reptile man munching on something in the glow of a candle

after some prep, I manage to shoot the creature in the heart

we barely have enough time to check out the rest of the tower before another reptile man shows up at the door

squire charges with his sword

farmer boy heftily swings his quarterstaff

druid-in-training uses twin batons

I use a crossbow

fox uses bite

After some back-and-forth, get the reptile man to flee

martials and fox chase after him, while I try to reload and catch up


fox bites fleeing reptile man in the neck

it's super effective!!!

rest of the group focus fires on the remaining reptile man, who dies

we continue journeying to what appears to be a rocky cliff-face

we think someone's watching us

find a cave, which sounds like it has a shit ton of reptile men


we start formulating a plan but before we can get far, we hear someone behind us

"What are you doing here?"

To be continued in Part two

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