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[GURPS][Adventures in Harkwood] The Reptile Man arc, Part 3: Mist-eggs Have Been Made

be Me, Halfling Ranger

be not me, Half-elf Druid-in-training, Human Squire, Human Farmboy

we have been searching for farmboy's sister for the better part of a week and have finally found her

in a cramped, metallic dome

next to six other girls

and what looks like a massive fucking egg covered in scales

we quickly rushed in to free the girls, who were all between 13 and 17 years old

one of them starts crying, while another whispers to "watch out for the egg guardian"

all of a sudden we start hearing something big outside the dome

we turn around and see this thing

this creature is twice as big as the other reptile men, with massive claws, a tooth riddled mouth, and what looked like triple the body mass

and we just walked into its nest

everyone just stood still for a few seconds. no one moved a muscle

not until I fired a shot right into the monster's vitals

the creature recoiled, it gasped for breath, it looked like it was about to freeze in shock

but it didn't, and roars for the remaining reptile men to come over

combat begins

at first it goes well, half elf stays inside to cut the girls' bonds while the rest of us try to beat up the beast

then the reptilian hulk fucking bites farmer boy's arm off

well, not off, but after the bite his arm looked like it was in ribbons. it was a miracle he didn't pass out immediately

after that the fight went downhill fast. Farmer boy had to get into the dome to hide, and none of us had the expertise to sew an arm from sinew in a few seconds

to make matters worse, the other reptile men were closing in on us fast

thinking quickly, the 1.1 meter tall halfling tried to intimidate the 2 meter tall reptile men into running away

it did not work, and the squire and the halfling had to run into the dome

the reptile men didn't follow, and the squire realized quickly why: the egg


so no shit, there we were in a tense standoff. One of our members was still recovering from a near-death experience, one just had a near-death experience, and our only two fighters were a halfling weaker than a kobold and a squire.

on top of that, we had 7 scared girls who couldn't fight, we were facing off against 3 reptile men who very much could fight, plus one pissed off behemoth that could absolutely tear us apart, and the only reason we weren't being absolutely slaughtered was because of a massive egg

and we weren't sure if that would hatch

after much internal debate amongst ourselves – consisting of panicked whispers and "I told you we shouldn't have gone into the desert on our own" from the squire – we decided that the only way to survive was to drag the egg out of the dome and hope that the reptile men didn't chase us

we didn't like our chances

so the girls, assisted by farmer boy, started dragging the egg out of the dome

the reptile men kept a certain distance away

we spotted our mule

the reptile men kept a certain distance away

farmer boy got to the mule ahead of the group

the reptile men got a bit closer.

the squire put his sword next to the egg. the reptile men stopped

one by one the girls would move to the mule, which was a safe distance away from the egg. the reptile men did not pursue them

Soon there were just the half-elf, the squire, and myself, the halfling, standing next to the egg

the squire chose to stand next to the egg while the halfling and the half-elf slunk away

cue tense standoff music

halfling starts to break off

one of the reptile men begins following her

after a brief chase, the reptile man snags her on the leg with a claw

halfling is left limping

squire still stuck by the egg, and so is the half-elf

reptile men are practically breathing down his neck at this point while he holds up his sword to the egg

farmer boy is too far out to help even if he could

looks like this is the end

suddenly, something catches the attention of the reptile men

halfling looks where they do, gasps "Thank God" and starts laughing

the others think she's crazy until they see what she saw

a mob made of goblins, hobgoblins and kobolds barreling in this direction. And they're on our side

squire bolts from the egg at the last possible moment

halfling, relieved, watches as the goblinoids swarm the reptile men, bringing them down


after the battle, we head back to the goblin camp to recover

goblin leader seems very interested in coming to Harkwood, seeing as they have elves, magic, and civilization

would like to use the egg as a gift and bargaining tool for the elves

we ask what the egg even was to the goblinoid leader

"don't you recognize a dragon egg when you see one?"

well shit

To be continued

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