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[GURPS][Adventures in Harkwood] The Reptile Men arc, Part 4: Aftermath

be Me, Halfling Ranger

be not me, Half-elf Druid-in-training, Human Squire, Human Farmboy

we had just saved 7 girls from the clutches of reptile men — immediately after being saved ourselves by a tribe of goblinoids

they had just revealed to us that the egg that the lizards were fighting so hard to protect was in fact a dragon egg

they also revealed that they didn't always live in the desert, and were in fact exiles from one of the human nations

they asked if we could put in a good word for them, and we agreed.

the rest of the journey was uneventful back home

we got lost, halfling passes out due to her injuries and has seizures one night from the blood loss

but nothing major

we got back to the farm, got the squire's knight's horses back, had farmer boy's family take care of the girls, and went back to Harkwood

the knight was waiting for us, and seeing 3/4 of us in dire condition, sent us away to an infirmary.

after expressing his disbelief at the rash decision of his squire to go alone, he congratulated his squire for saving lives. he listened to the story about how the goblins saved many lives, including the life of his squire

after hearing this, the knight decided that he would permit the goblin tribe to build a homestead near Harkwood

the next few months saw a big change in Harkwood. the presence of newcomers brought in some new merchants into town as well. the goblins of the homestead soon set up stands and carts in town to sell fruit and produce to the locals.

unfortunately, the kobolds stowed away on the carts.

the kobolds didn't do much serious crime, mostly filching apples, but they became a real nuisance to the town in general

so the halfling was called to the guardhouse and offered a deal: they would pay her to keep the kobolds in check

she whole-heartedly agreed


the next few months were uneventful, but the farmer boy, squire, and halfling started showing signs of growing up

the farmer boy and the halfling started showing faster reflexes, while the squire's frame grew more muscle, and he started to grow stronger

the farmer boy, miraculously, made a full recovery of his arm, though it would always have nasty bite marks on it. he continued working in the stables of the senior knight

the halfling became very proficient at dealing with the antics of the kobolds, even if the pay didn't show it very well. she ended up living in the guardhouse to get by.

the half-elf learned from her father that the dragon egg had long since been dead. a dragon cannot survive without magic, and the mana-barren wastes of the great desert ensured that this egg would never hatch.

the squire continued to train at the senior knight's manor. eventually tiring of his saber, he longed for a new sword that would better fit his abilities.

things went like this for a few months, until a newcomer and his caravan came into town

he was a man from the distant nation of Sahud, and he wanted to journey Caithness from north to south

as he met with the senior knight, he was impressed by the story of the brave squire who, along with his friends, managed to beat back a tribe of reptilian raiders who had kidnapped the innocent

he then made a very interesting proposal:

"Would you like to come and train with me for a year?"

To be continued

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