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Had my first session as DM today – LMoP

Content of the article: "Had my first session as DM today – LMoP"

This is basically an update for the people who wanted it, but I do have some questions. Also, I run games virtually/through roll 20. Spoilers ahead for LMoP.

The plan was PCs take a bit in Cragmaw Hideout, and level up after beating Klarg. Things,, didn't go that way unsurprisingly. Cragmaw Hideout took maybe 20 minutes at most. They skipped the majority of rooms, and didn't encounter any flooding or set backs since 3/4s of the party were wisdom casters, and my goblins rolled very low today. Don't think I got above a 10 except for one combat hit.

My other friend had DMed this before, and gave me his pacing from it. Though his pacing came from being a new DM and new players, which I didn't consider. So, I had to fly by the seat of my pants.

Rather than murder hoboing Klarg, they cast Charm Person. I don't think I roleplayed badly, just caught me by surprise (and left me a little disappointed because of my PCs would've loved that one piece of frog treasure). They ended up in Phandalin quite early, and I roleplayed my ass off as Elmar Barthen and Sildar, trying to keep them contained but giving information (because I had NOT read much about Phandalin admittedly). They ended up throwing themselves into the bandit area of the campaign, they went to start a conflict and I had to end the session on that little cliffhanger because I had no info ready on the Redbrand's stats or the consequences of that fight. We went for about 2 hours at that, which I know is a lot of time to bullshit/improv, but I was a little bummed as I'm used to 3 hour minimum sessions. The party also leveled up, as that was the initial ending session plan, and I felt bad stopping right at the start of an encounter. They had progressed a lot though and I felt it was deserved! I did have fun, just was a little anxiety ridden. My players said they enjoyed it too which is all I could ask for (:

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So, after running my first game, here's my questions!

Any tips on overlooking combat? How to keep track of everything better?

and also

For those of you running written campaigns, how far in do you read? I know my DM friend reads through the whole thing a few times before picking up a campaign. I read thoroughly the main chapter I thought would be done, and a bit of the next one. Should I go through the whole thing? That just seems like so much prep work, but I'm willing to do it if it seems to be general consensus and a way to be prepared.

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