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Had my first session with LMOP

Content of the article: "Had my first session with LMOP"

First of all, thanks for all DM's with their awesome advice.

Last Saturday I had my first session and we had a blast!
All first time players, first time DM and we used LMOP.

First of all, I had some advice saying 7 players for the first time was way to much. This was something that I was extremely anxious about, what if nobody gets the spotlight? What if some do not get into roleplay?

I must say my entire group surprised me.

We started around 14.00 with a few beers and talking about general rules on if somebody did not get a rule (everybody read through their premade character and made sure they understood the basics). I send the premade sheets through WhatsApp and email (and printed them out, thanks for the advice to expect people forget stuff). All premade classes were used, but the Rogue and Wizard were double.

I used an adventure hook where Gundren was talking to his nephew (PC, the cleric) and slowly introduced my trusted party to him with an accent I did not knew I could produce. This kicked the roleplaying into a higher gear and they started convo's between their characters and I only steered when people were "too active" giving the shy players less of the spotlight.

They finally left towards Phandalin and the first ambush. During the travel they talked to the NPC that spontaneously got created (too make sure they did not have to hide the cart later on) a sturdy alcoholic Dwarf named: Wubbe. He went by the path many times and the alcohol stench that came off him made sure no goblins would attack him (the 2 kegs of strong ale in the cart were for him, enough for several days in case the decided to follow the goblins).

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They survived the first encounter and left Wubbe with the cart.

They then went into the cave where they actually decided to tame some wolves (was to nice and got into a problem I figured) and tamed them all (multiple nat 20's…). Since they were warned by an interrogated goblin not to be to loud they did let the caves flood (washing away and killing the hungry and weakened wolves) which made them focus on the boss even more (NOOOO, not the doggos).

I did make the bossfight a bit shorter since at that point (including dinner) we were playing for around 9 hours. Everyone seemed to be extremely happy with their first session and I am now preparing Phandalin (and more accents for the NPC's)

If I could give any advice (if I am even qualified for that):
Have fun, give everyone their spotlight
Prepare initiative for battles on "cards" (stole this tip from another DM, but cannot find the post anymore), basically small cards that on the players side just shows PC name and on your side all information needed (AC, dex, str and such for rolls).
Diving in with accents (even if they are crappy) helped a lot for other people to roleplay.
Inspiration is amazing, players really tried their best to gain it!!

tldr; Thanks all for making the first session memorable.
Next session is coming up!
Survived my first session with 7 new players.

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