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Half-Orc Barbarian backstory: tips, advice, etc?

Content of the article: "Half-Orc Barbarian backstory: tips, advice, etc?"

Born as Thokk, the bastard son of an Orc Warchief and a slave girl, he spent his younger years traveling with his father's nomadic tribe. Around the age of six, there was an incident where he got into an argument with a group of orc boys over his “tainted” blood. A fire was lit inside him and he nearly beat the older children to death despite being outnumbered. Because of this his father took notice of him for the first time in his life and began to train him to fight. Over the next six years,Thokk was trained to be a fearsome foe by his father, but despite all his efforts he was still just a bastard to his father. When his pureblood younger brother Krusk was born, his father did away with him so he could raise and groom Krusk to take over and lead the tribe. During a raid on a nearby town, fourteen year old Thokk tried to win back his father's good graces by single-handedly fighting the town's guard captain. Thokk was soundly defeated and taken prisoner. Thokk watched as his father and brother left him for dead in that town. On the day of his execution, he caught the eye of a traveling slave trader looking to buy slaves and prisoners for the gladiatorial arena he worked for. A few gold later and thokk was chained and placed in a wagon with others and taken away. Over the next several years he was taught the ins and outs of being a gladiator by his mentor, another half-orc who went by the name of Rhegar, The Red Death while also fighting and making a name for himself in the arena. At the age twenty-six, he was offered a deal he couldn't refuse. For a king's birthday he was to fight a mystery opponent to the death, if he won he would be given a pouch of gold and his freedom. He gladly accepted knowing that as a free man he could travel the world looking for his father and brother so he could confront them. In a cruel twist of fate, his mystery opponent who was offered the same deal was none other than his mentor and best friend Rhegar. Not holding back, the two friends fought each other with everything they had. In the end Thokk barely stood victorious. With his dying breath rhegar thanked him for the honor of being his opponent in his last match and gifted him his helm which he wore in all his battles. Thokk accepted it and took the money and his freedom. Two years later, Thokk is sitting in the back of a tavern with his helm and greataxe next to him along with two large mugs of ale in front of him, one empty and one untouched. As an orc raiding party enters the town, he gears up and makes his way outside slaughtering all of them. While examining them, the townsfolk gather and ask the name of their hero and he responds to them… Rhegar.

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Any tips or advice to make this better? Story or grammar wise advice appreciated

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