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[Half rant, half me proselytizing] Divine Soul Sorcerer is the best subclass ever and nobody can convince me otherwise.

Sorcerer: A reasonably powerful class, whose main sticking points are that you get the most spell slots (flexible casting), spell manipulation options (metamagic), and cantrips; letting you, as RPGBOT puts it, have a small amount of tools that goes the distance no matter what that distance is.

Cleric: classic Cleric, the pinnacle of support classes. Healing, buffing, and even the ability to defend himself. What's not to love? Well, the answer is that Cleric isn't optional. You either have one, have a replacement, or you're screwed. And potions can always run out (stfu potion hoarders, yes I know we all finished our Skyrim playthroughs with 123456789 healing potions of every type, variety, and way to craft it with alchemy, but Skyrim isn't an angry DM who makes you burn through resources like tinder).

Enter the Divine Soul Sorcerer. Dramatic sting.

Yes, she's warm and inviting, and she's got options. Lots of options. Two ways to go about getting the most for your party: the sorcerer spell list, and the cleric spell list. I'm sorry, did I say two? I meant a near infinite number of ways, as you are not confined to one spell list or the other. You want Ressurection and Wish? Done and done. Command and Burning hands? Yep. All the healing spells you need are right there for the taking (provided you have the spell slots to cast them), and you still get to cast two of them in one turn. Or you can cast them at a distance, letting your d6 hit dice have a break. Or you can cast one spell that targets two people. Come across the one monster with radiant damage resistance/immunity? Transmuted Spell to the rescue. If you don't have a healer, but don't have enough people to fill in for the general caster and healer? Pick Divine Soul Sorcerer and get both. Already have a healer or caster, but still need a caster or healer? Pick Divine Soul Sorcerer and help carry the torch. Roll three 18s and want a unique character who can fight, heal, and cast decent spells all at once? Variant Human or Custom Origin; 18s in Dex/Str, Con, and Cha with your +1s going into Con and Cha or your +2 in Cha; use your initial feat to get War Caster, then use ASIs to get Weapon Master (make sure one of them is martial, or ignore the next Feat) and then Fighting Adept; finish off with proficiencies in Perception, Insight, Persuasion, Intimidation, and Deception: boom, one man party.

Plus, you get one of five free spells (most of them fantastic by the way), 30 feet of flying speed with no concentration at 14th, and a kick ass excuse to call yourself a demigod because you practically are. And if you manage to get your character powerful enough, and have a DM cool enough, you can say your Divine Soul Sorcerer eventually ascended to become a celestial and has conscripted Pact of the Celestial Warlocks one or more of which can be your next character. What's not to love?

Thank you, you wonderful paragon you, for coming to my TED talk.


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