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Halfling Hobo Healer Leaves the Mines

Content of the article: "Halfling Hobo Healer Leaves the Mines"

> Be me, halfling hobo healer

> Be not me, human sorcerer, human bard, orc fighter, dwarf cleric, and elf ranger/rogue

> Once everyone has regained their spells for the day, we continue the search for this metal disc in the mines

> Head to new branch and start exploring

> Come to a bright rainbow mirrored room

> Essentially looks like a large kaleidoscope room

> It’s quiet

> Too quiet

> Room appears to be under some sort of silence effect

> Turn to look at the rest of the party to see what we should do

> Get ambushed by a rainbow blob creature

> Sorcerer moves to flank it while I back up to shoot it with my crossbow

> Orc just charges it and cuts it in half

> Blob appears to be dead after that

> Well that went better than expected

> All the pretty colors fade from the room

> I will miss the kaleidoscope effect…

> Move to the next room and the air shimmers like it is boiling

> See a clear crystal chest at the far end of the room

> Looks like it has what we need inside

> Go try to open it

> Hand goes right through the chest

> I really hate illusions

> Rest of the party hasn’t noticed the illusion yet

> Tell them we need to keep moving

> Sorcerer asks why we aren’t going to grab the stuff in the chest

> Explain this place is just one large illusion

> Continue exploring the mines

> Dwarf gets a bright idea

> Wants to test something in one of the rotating rooms we encountered

> Sorcerer and bard join him in the room while the rest of us wait in the hall

> The room rotates, pauses for a minute or so, then rotates back

> When the door opens, the sorcerer is dripping wet and 10 ft tall

> Says he doesn’t want to do that again

> I’m not going to ask what just happened

> Probably best if I don’t know

> Dwarf says he thought there might have been another ladder connected to that room

> Kinda like the first rotating room we encountered by entering through a ladder

> Wanted to see if there was another layer down

> Guess he was wrong

> We all just decide to move on

> Eventually come to a set of large metal doors

> Feel a lot of heat radiating from the doors

> Oh that’s not a good sign

> Pop the door open and come into some sort of forge area

> Has a large pool of molten glass in the center

> See 2 fire elementals in the back of the room

> They don’t seem to like visitors

> Elf charges one of them while the orc charges the other

> Orc one shots her elemental and the sorcerer kills the other with magic missile

> I find a crystal chest in the back of the room while the party is looting the bodies

> Looks just like the one in the illusion room

> Chest is locked but that shouldn’t be too much of a problem

> Pop it open with my thieves tools

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> I knew these would come in handy at some point

> Find 2 discs that look like the one we were hired to recover

> One is shinier than the other

> Quickly slip the shiny one into my pocket before the party gets too close

> We were only hired to return one of them

> I can take the other to an expert to see what it is actually used for

> Not 100% sure I can trust our current boss’ organization

> Tell the party we found what we needed and we can leave

> Toss the rest of the loot in a sack and get ready to head back

> Sorcerer decides to take all the furniture that isn't nailed down

> Not sure why he needs it but I’m not going to question it right now

> I'll just let him and the Orc drag everything he wants out of here

> Stop dead in our tracks while walking out of the entrance to the mine

> See 8 people and half a dozen undead blocking our exit

> Hear a familiar voice tell us to hand over the disc or die

> It’s the pale guy from the glass village

> Oh really don’t like this

> Dwarf attempts to talk our way out of this situation

> Tells them we didn’t find the disc

> Says a door was sealed shut after a trap went off

> Pale guy tells us to get back in there and get it for him or we all die

> I get the feeling he will try to kill us either way

> Turn to the sorcerer and tell him to wait for my signal

> Reposition myself while the Dwarf and pale guy argue

> Hear the pale guy say “kill them all and find me the disc”

> Go time

> Only have one shot at this

> Cast that new spell at the group

> Tiny shards of light fly out toward them

> Kills 5 of them instantly

> Blinds 6 of the 7 remaining enemies

> Most of the survivors are down to only 4-5 hp

> Holy pocket sand is extremely effective apparently

> 6.5% of the time, it works every time

> Sorcerer follows up with sleep on the survivors

> All but the pale guy and 2 guards are dead or asleep at this point

> None of the conscious enemies can see anything

> Orc charges the pale guy

> Sounds like she’s out for revenge

> Shouting something about no one runs away from her and survives

> Appears to be taking the last encounter we had with them very personally

> Drops him down to 3hp

> Elf charges in and cuts down one of the 2 remaining guards

> Pale guy tries to kill the Orc with some sort of death touch

> Misses because he’s still blinded

> Oh thank god

> I may be a healer but I can't stop death effects or resurrect just yet

> Last guard swings blindly toward where they think the Orc is

> Hits the pale guy instead

> Deals 9 damage

> Just accidentally killed the pale guy

> Such a nice guy

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> Helping us get out of here alive

> Orc is pissed that an enemy stole her kill

> She wants to kill him for that

> Sorcerer kills him with magic missiles before the orc can do it

> Now she’s really pissed

> Orc debates killing the Sorcerer for stealing her kill

> I go check out the body of the pale guy while that happens

> Not super concerned about their argument right now

> Sorcerer can always knock her out of she tries anything

> I want to make sure the pale guy is not getting back up any time soon

> Turns out it wasn’t a vampire like we thought

> Just a changeling in disguise

> Coup de grace him just to be sure then loot his body

> Find a holy symbol for the necromancy cult

> No regrets killing him now

> Not dealing with necromancer cults, especially when they try to kill me first

> Dwarf goes and finds our cart driver

> Tells him that we will pay him extra to help load up some furniture

> Takes like 30 min but we eventually start heading back to town

> Stop to loot any potions or magic weapons we find along the way

> Find a nice mace among the sea of bodies

> Eventually make it back to town and find our boss

> Give her the disc we were hired to retrieve

> Tell her we were jumped by necromancers

> Mention they said they had more of these discs and she freaks out

> Asks us to be her bodyguards while she travels back to Sharn

> We were headed back that way anyway

> Free passage and a paycheck to head home?

> Easy deal

> Elf declines the job

> Says she’s done adventuring

> Decided to head back to her family

> Looks like all the traps were just too much I guess

> Dwarf hands over her cut and she leaves

> Rest of us restock our supplies in town before heading to board the ship

> Few days of sailing will give me time to relax and reflect on everything that just happened

> Bard finds a cat on board

> Asks the Dwarf if we can keep it as a mascot

> Dwarf pulls out a contract and hands it to the bard

> Tells her it will need to sign a contract first

> Sorcerer says he is a bit crazy for making an animal sign a contract

> Bard just goes along with it

> Sets the contract down by where the cat sleeps and leaves out some ink

> Hoping she may get a paw print on there eventually

> I spend the trip playing my harmonica or summoning my bird and enjoying its song

> Very peaceful ride back for once

> No shady people and the ship didn’t get attacked mid trip

> It was great

> We finally arrive back at Sharn and have a rather odd encounter on the docks

> Some woman walks up to the party as we are leaving and says we need to talk

> Has the contract the Dwarf required the cat to sign

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> Did he just try to hire someone’s familiar as our mascot?

> She wants to join our group if her cat is going to be our mascot

> Alright then

> We can fill the missing spot in the party now

> Dwarf throws her a contract and says they can discuss terms later

> Need to finish a job first

> Escort our boss back to her HQ and she thanks us

> Throws us the extra money and we leave

> Time to go shopping while the Dwarf recruits a new party member

> Have a decent amount of money that I can use to upgrade my gear

> Grab myself a magic backpack like the one our boss gave us

> Having something that can hold that much stuff without weighing me down is awesome

> Grab some boots that allow me to run much farther

> Never know if I will need to run a marathon to escape something/someone

> Also grab a chest to store stuff like my camping equipment that aren't always needed

> Throw the chest in my room back at the healer’s guild and dump some supplies in it

> Head over to the ruined church when I'm done

> Been a while since I was here

> Arrive to find most of the people here have heard of me by this point

> Feels good to be recognized for the charity I do here

> Heal a few people that need it and see a few people with strength damage

> That's a new one

> May need to look into it if more cases show up

> Go grab my fiddle from the back

> Haven’t played it in a while

> Sit and play some music before dinner

> Feels good to be back helping people who need it

> One day I will be able to build a few of these charities in other cities

> I just need to figure out a way to do that

> I am pretty poor for being an adventurer

> Will need to find someone to help finance this plan


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