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Halfling Hobo Healer Visits Some Old Acquaintances


> Be me, halfling hobo healer turned crusader

> Be not me, human sorcerer, human bard, orc fighter, dwarf cleric, and tibbit beguiler

> Currently exchanging info we found while digging around in the library

> After a few minutes of trading info, the Sorcerer shares an idea with us

> He says we have an opportunity to cause problems for the drow forces

> Based on what we found, it looks like they are going to invade the surface

> They have allied themselves with a warforged group and a mindflayer group

> We have an opportunity here to delay preparations for one of those groups

> We could kill the Matriarch and her guards before teleporting out of here

> It would likely cause a power vacuum here for a little while

> It would delay the invasion and possibly cause renegotiations between her allies

> He quietly asks the rest of us what we think of that plan

> We all need to be in agreement before we try this

> If we fail, we are almost guaranteed to be die

> None of us want to force someone to risk their lives for a plan they don’t agree with

> I’m strangely fine with one of his plans for once

> If we can delay the invasion, we can buy time to build up defenses

> Before we can decide on whether to go through with it, our guide arrives

> He tells us that the Matriarch is ready to meet us now

> We grab our stuff and follow him to the meeting room

> We are led up like 10 floors to a large room with a somewhat round table in the middle

> The Matriarch is sitting at one end and is surrounded by 8 guards

> We all sit down at the table and are presented with drinks

> The Matriarch raises her glass and gives a speech about cooperation for a bit

> We all raise our drinks to be polite and avoid offending her immediately

> Once her speech is over, she drinks her wine and smashes the glass

> The rest of us are confused but copy her actions

> We then spend the next hour or so talking about making deals between Cannith and her allies

> I spend the time studying the Matriarch and her guards

> I don’t like being here and we may end up fighting our way out

> She explains that she wants Cannith out of the Underdark and control over the marshes here

> Cannith can have control of the southwestern section of the continent

> The Demon Wastes have already been claimed by an ally of hers

> The Mournlands and eastern section of the continent have been claimed by someone else

> She won’t tell us who they are but it is probably the warforged group

> She asks us how strongly allied we are with Cannith and if they will accept a deal to invade the surface

> Her allies are willing to help Cannith in order to make this work

> We try to hide the fact that we aren’t strongly allied with Cannith and dodge her questions for a while

> A drider emerges from the ceiling and whispers something to the Matriarch

> She says that we will need to wait for the rest of the caravan to arrive before we continue our talks

> They are apparently stuck near where the tunnel collapsed and will arrive in about a week

> They are tending to their wounded before trying to continue the trip

> She stands up and says our meeting is done unless we have any other questions

> The only real threat here seems to be the Matriarch

> The guards don’t really seem to difficult to fight especially with a pissed off Orc on our side

> As long as we aren’t killing innocent people, I suppose we should hit now while she is relatively isolated

> It will make it a lot easier than hunting her down again later when she has time to prepare

> The Beguiler stares at me and shakes her head a bit

> I guess we aren’t fighting today

> We are escorted back to our rooms and discuss how to proceed

> The Beguiler says we should create a revolt to overthrow the Matriarch and play kingmaker from the shadows

> It is safer for us than trying to attack her in her own citadel with all of her guards around

> I guess that could work but I’d rather not risk her taking back her power after the revolt

> The Dwarf says the last matriarch died young and may have been assassinated

> She still has a living daughter that we can track down to take command after the revolt

> The Beguiler mentions she saw a woman being escorted around by a group of guards earlier

> She says it wasn’t the Matriarch so it may be the person we are looking for

> The Dwarf and Sorcerer start using magic to try to locate her in the building

> They eventually find someone that is only a few floors above us that fits the description

> We write a message to her and ask to meet in the library

> I summon my bird to deliver the message and return with any response

> We trade messages back and forth for a little while as we work out who is going to meet with her

> We don’t want to send everyone at once to meet with her because it would draw too much attention

> Once we have the details down, we all decide to waste time before our secret meeting

> The Bard and Sorcerer decide to write a song to play for the public

> They hope it will cause a bit of unrest in town as a distraction for us while we try to overthrow the Matriarch

> I just relax and enjoy the calm before the storm

> The Beguiler, Dwarf, and Orc head down to the library to prepare for the meeting

> The Dwarf and Orc have been there a lot recently so it isn’t too out of place

> They return after an hour or so with new info

> The woman is actually the heir of the previous Matriarch

> She isn’t too happy about her mother’s assassination

> We learn that she is under house arrest here and under constant surveillance

> They ask her to try to find out where the current Matriarch sleeps

> Mainly a precaution in case we need to kill her after all

> She says she will provide info via a message in the bath house in a few days

> The Dwarf asks me for a favor while we have some free time

> He asks me to help him teleport around to a few of the drow churches

> He also asks me to be his translator

> I agree to help and ask when he wants to do it

> He tells me we leave as soon as I am ready

> I take an hour to prepare the right spells

> The Dwarf takes the time to explain his plan to the Beguiler

> He asks her to cover for us while we are gone

> She can make illusions of us sleeping or something while we are gone

> It will keep people from getting too suspicious and looking for us

> She agrees and we start our side trip

> The Dwarf and I hop it the bag and teleport to a few of the churches nearby

> He asks to talk with the head of the church each time and says it is important

> We explain to the head priestesses that we want to overthrow the Matriarch

> All of them seem to be in support of our plan and ask when we want to start it

> We tell them to wait about 10 days and then we will be ready

> That should buy us enough time to get the caravan out of here and on route to the next stop

> They all agree to start preparing themselves and we head back to our room

> We come back to the Bard and Sorcerer presenting their song to a local musician

> They ask us if we want to help them put on a big show

> They have managed to set up a performance in a few days and need band members

> The Beguiler and Orc have already agreed to help with the show

> The Dwarf and I agree to help but won’t be playing instruments

> Neither of us can learn a song on such short notice

> I’m the only one between the 2 of us who can even play an instrument

> We all start making preparations for our show and the revolt right away

> The Dwarf starts researching how to put on a show for a drow city

> I ask the party if anyone needs supplies since I need to pick up a few scrolls

> The Sorcerer and Bard say they need better quality instruments

> They ask to join the quick shopping trip

> I agree and tell them we can head out the next day

> In the morning, we make a quick side trip to Sharn and scatter to buy our supplies

> I pick up a restoration scroll to undo the ability drain I've taken in the last few days

> Since I’m in town, I also decide to stop by the ruined church and check up on everyone

> Thankfully they are all still doing fine

> I write up a quick message to the council letting them know about the incoming invasion

> At least they will have a warning if this all goes wrong as we get ourselves killed

> They may have questionable morals but they are our best choice of allies for stopping the invasion

> I drop off the message to be delivered and meet up with the Sorcerer and Bard after an hour or so

> I ask them if we can make a few stops before we head back to our room

> They say they are fine with it and could use the fresh air

> I teleport us to the island village we stopped in at the start of our adventures

> I want to see why they haven’t responded to my letters

> We walk over to the mayor’s house and talk with him for a few minutes

> He says he never received my letters but answers all the questions I had for him

> Everyone here is slowly getting better after the sahuagin attacks

> I can also build a small clinic here if I can find a way to get the materials and workers here

> They aren’t going to turn down a helping hand

> Once we are done chatting, we teleport over to visit the Shifter family’s village

> They also haven’t responded to any of my letters so I want to see if they also got lost in transit

> We walk over to the sheriff’s office to see why they haven’t responded

> The Sheriff says that none of the letters actually arrived

> I ask if anything has happened since we left and how everyone is doing

> They say the man who attacked the Shifters escaped in the night shortly after we left

> The awakened wolf we sent over here also arrived a while back and has been living with the Shifters

> It has been pretty quiet here other than that though

> The Sorcerer and Bard say they want to stop by and talk with the Shifters before we leave here

> We aren’t really in a rush for once so we have plenty of time to head over to the Shifter’s house

> The parents are surprised to see us in town and we talk with them for a few minutes

> The awakened wolf has been acting as a babysitter and guard for the kids

> They are just enjoying the quiet life after the chaos of lycanthrope attacks and attempted murder

> After catching up with them, we finally head back to our room

> The Dwarf received the note with the info we asked for about the Matriarch while we were gone

> We have a rough idea where her room is and when she rests there

> We will see if we resort to violence here

> Everyone spends the next few days waiting for the chaos to begin

> In a 2 day period, we will play some music, discuss how to handle a war, and flee a revolt we started

> At least it was peaceful for a little while

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