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Halloween comes late

Content of the article: "Halloween comes late"

Be me: Kol-Jha Koldemar Sorcerer

Be not me: DM, Yeet Gnoll Ranger, Murdut Ork Fighter, Silit Kobold Rogue

Session begins, Yeet & Murdut still sick

DM calls for Knowledge(local) from the party.

22, 19, 8, 6

DM: "Okay, sending private messages for what people learn. There will be more messages like this sent throughout the adventure."

Silit decides to keep close to Kol-Jha given her low roll.

DM message tells Kol-Jha of the courthouse that is haunted by the spirit of a brutal murderer, how the district of the city the courthouse is in was partially destroyed, and of an adventuring party that met it's doom trying to face the spirit in the courthouse.

As Silit mentions keeping mostly to them-self or with Kol-Jha for fear of hostility from the townsfolk the DM explains the cosmopolitan makeup of the city with a noticeable population of other kobolds.

DM gives a few days downtime since last session to heal HP damage and some of the stat damage.

Murdut suggests that we stay clear of the courthouse hearing that the tenth anniversary of the execution is approaching.

We're quickly hushed by a random human approaching and taking a seat with us. Tempts us with the loot from the adventurers. Offers to buy us a drink then suggests we fetch the loot from the fallen adventurers.

He gets us drinks but not one for himself. Mentions it being good stuff, and so not splurging on himself.

Yeet & Silit down theirs quickly

Murdut is suspicious of it but Kol takes a few sips.

The mystery man continues his spiel

Roll to see if I know anything about ghosts… 6. Well I know nothing.

Kol asks what the guy, Sven, would want as a cut for us risking our lives.

He explains he'd be coming along.

Silit tries to curl up in Kol's lap and begins to snooze. Only murmurs sleepy kobold noizes when nudged.

Murdut's player very suspicious of Silit & Yeets sleepiness.

Kol-Jha mentions 13 years is a long time for a human and asks how much he's been in there that he remembers the layout decently.

He shrugs and says he's been in the cells in the basement a few times.

Kol asks Yeet what they think.

Yeet asks about danger to the town, and what their share would be.

He wants 20%, doesn't confirm any danger except in entering the courthouse

Kol asks after his qualifications for 20%

Asks after ours.

Kol explains he's a dragon…

Sven comments on his size.

Kol "Well, if I were larger I couldn't fit in here so easily."

Sven seems to accept the explanation and explains he's good with his sword.

He offers to come back and talk tomorrow morning.

Party suspicious of the man and minor out of character chat about if there's anyone more capable than the party in largely rags in the tavern… surprisingly not.

Ask the bartender about Sven before turning in for the night.

The party props the doors to our rooms shut before going to bed.

Party suspicious justified as DM reveals the drinks were in fact laced.

While we're out we dream…

Nasty dream of a gibbering madman sawing the head off of an elven woman.

Awake to find the sun setting… and worse we appear to be in the courthouse.

Sven is here along with many others whom we don't recognize of many other races… the figures from the dream not present.

Kol calls for Sven as Murdut tries to pry the board from the door… old and rotted the boards refuse to give.

No application of force, no matter how great, from our Ork does anything to the most assuredly haunted boards.

Sven asks what we did… Kol replies wanting to ask the same of him

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Kol explains and highlights his suspicion of spiked drinks.

Silit explains her dream and elicits gasps from the others… we learn all of us had horrible dreams.

Sven doesn't answer the allegation of our drinks being spiked.

We learn a few people from the trial were here, including a paladin.

One of the crowd, a Paladin, tries to remove the board from the window… no success.

Kol casts detect magic… no magic.

Short back and forth with the Paladin about how the board aren't magic.

Kol suggests the indestructible nature is from a wrathful spirit and some of the crowd grow nervous.

DM describes the ruined courtroom to us when Silit looks around.

A rogue-Goldberg esque axe throw into the jurrer's box occurs when Silit examines the evidence table, setting some of the crowd screaming.

The axe, like the boards, isn't magic.

Kol keeps the information to himself and asks the people to speak up.

None do so Kol asks them why the ghost would have an axe to grind with any of them.

Yeet gets the joke and Silit tells them to get use to it after one of the crowd calls him out on the bad joke.

As Murdut approaches the judges bench the Human calls and asks for introductions.

The group introduces themselves and the crowd does the same.

A rather ill-tempered ork introduces himself and threatens to kill anyone asking why his last name is five-tows.

Murdut stops that from turning into combat when the ork and Kol-Jha get to arguing.

An ork storms out and is quickly killed after breaking line of sight
(had a name, can't remember names and log simultaneously, sorry spectators)

Murdut smashes a bench against the door… eventually turns all the benches into kindling

Silit simply opens the door.

Door opens into the Judges chambers

Murdut asks Silit not to just open doors because of the danger.

Silit replies the danger seems to be from separating from the group.

Evil laughter from nowhere as the books launch off the shelves at Kol as he steps through the door.

Book on justice opened to a passage, “We, entrusted with justice, must be above reproach. Those who fail to serve justice blindly shall reap what they sow.”

Kol considers the passage for a few moments, "Is this significant?"

Yeet's character comments this is probably about someone being judged unfairly and now wants revenge. Out of character

Silit & Murdut check for secret doors… none to be found (so far as our rolls tell us).

Silit finds something and calls the Paladin over to check it… the Paladin can't read it.

Yeet comments about not being able to read at all.

The dead hobgoblin is gone when he go to make our way into the room the died in…

Lots of drag marks in the dust though they go toward the room we came from, likely us being dragged in after the drugging.

Nothing indicating where the corpse got off to.

Kol decides to look up and get a sense for the ceiling before heading any deeper into the room.

Kol decides to take a look at the scrap of paper Silit found and finds it to be a spell scroll

Cast read magic… hear muttering behind me and turn to see a female human reading over my shoulder

The scroll appears to contain several spells: Light, Mage Armor, Magic Missile, and Shield… nothing too spooky

Learn the human, Patricia, is a sorcerer.

The clock in the room goes berzerk when we step in… will saves called for.

Nat 20 for Murdut, 13 for Kol-Jha, Yeet gets 15, & Silit gets 12…

Wisdom damage…

Kol is now at a negative Wis mod.

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Murdut destroys the clock.

DM calls for Survival…

Kol nat 20s… still not enough

Murdut rolls 20 total and notices the number of drag-marks through the dust is less than the number in the room.

The perpetrator is among us.

The dwarf is just sitting there staring at the ruins of the clock, mutters something about mord.

Kol asks the dwarf about it. The dwarf comments about a ghost being unable to attack directly and instead using fuckery the likes of the clock to harm us.

Murdut tries to break down the door out… succeeds only in hurting himself.

Silit begins drawing eyes on things trying to keep calm.

Again Murdut tries to kick in the door but fails.

Kol asks Patricia about yesterday, then has Yeet examine her for injection sites… doesn't find anything.

Murdut opens the door to find a skeletal judge, and dog with multiple broken bones.

Murdut chucks pieces of the clock at the skeletons to no effect…

He then steps in with Kol-Jha watching his back to have the dog animate and attack!

Silit mentions having opened the doors beforehand… this was missed earlier due to technical difficulties.

We press onward with the combat encounter.

Murdut swings his morningstars…

Kol throws Jolt and ends the skelepupper.

We ask the Paladin about detecting undead… he says everywhere/thing is registering as undead.

Murdut annihilates the skeletal remains before searching the desk…

Potions and an unknown flask.

Ask Kol comes into the room to check the potions we're asked for knowledge local & perception.

Lean that Malgrum had a pension for use of spiked chains like we've seen twice now.

Kol IDs the potions: Lesser Resteration, Bears Endurance, Cure Moderate Wounds

Murdut in the meantime finds a dagger, gilded and valuable looking but apparently no-one has appraise.

There's a letter on the desk… letter explains that justice was not done and an innocent man was executed.

Kol steps out of the room and reveals the wrongful death info to the NPCs.

Paladin is in disbelief. Tosses the letter away and stomps off

Silit opens all the other doors from the large room…

As we step into a room we hear a scream…

Appears to be that of birds… nasty creatures.

Silit hides as Kol, Murdut, and Yeet fend off the atrocious creatures.

After the first hit we see the birds knocked from the swarm are decayed… zombified birds.

Murdut calls for the Paladin… uncertain if he was in earshot or cared.

The swarm is swiftly dispatched from an attack by each of us.

Murdut tells off the Paladin for not helping kill the undead.

The Paladin largely ignores us when we go explore more rooms…

Murdut grabs him but is shaken off.

Fight nearly breaks out between them. Kol accosts the Paladin for being unhelpful and the fight breaks up.

The dwarf storms off full of bluster and stomps off… to be killed by some abomination that intercepts him… he blindly rushes past us, into walls, and just madly dashes about.

Murdut goes to get something, the desk from the judges chamber.

Silit suggests we stop the dwarf before he breaks his face running into the walls.

Bit of Out of Character back and forth between Murduts player and the DM about Murdut's habit of trying to manipulate our surroundings.

Kol and Silit go to try and catch the dwarf before he breaks his face… eventually runs through a doorway and some major fuckery happens and he's not where he would logically be but somewhere else deeper in the building.

Find a jury deliberation room… search it. Notice some of the chairs are meant for shorter creatures. Reasonable for such a cosmopolitan city.

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Silit also checks the room over… finds a carving on the underside of the table: 'Who's funny now Mord?' – E.B.

Have the Gnome, who has those initials, look over the carving. He admits to carving it.

Point this out to the Paladin… nothing more comes of it but the Paladin saying he'd have to be charged for damaging state property.

Kol tries to explain that this constitutes a grudge the Gnome has against the murdered.

Paladin doesn't seem to get it that this is supporting evidence to the note we found…

Go check on the sorceress… ask her what her opinion of the falsely accused was before the murders.
No opinion, no interaction… ask if anyone here had loved ones who were executed as that was the falsely accused job… none that she knows.

After that lead goes nowhere group up with Murdut and explore more.

Find the gallows… dark and foreboding. Find some abomination shambling toward us down the steps of the wooden gallows.

Initiative as we prepare to fend off the corpse-like creature. A sound alerts us to two others outside of the gallows.

Murdut's player asks what the creatures look like and we find they look like the Hobgob & Dwarf we just lost since waking up in the courthouse.

As the undead approach Kol waists no time and throws a bit of lightning at the horrid creatures.

Horrifyingly the lightning misses… the undead sweeping to one side to avoid the shot.

Murdut's held action misses and commence a short bout of rules lawyering.

The undead trudge on up and make their attacks… one getting a critical miss and striking their allies.

A ghost and two zombies…

We make reasonably quick work of the zombies but the ghost we learn does charisma damage…

As the party's sorcerer I want that thing as far away from me as possible.

Accost the sorceress & paladin for spectating as we deal with the ghost.

The ghost screws off after another round…

Murdut chews out the Paladin for being cowardly

We eventually notice another of the crowd has disappeared, an ork.

The gnome also appears to be gone.

Yeet gets a vision as she steps into the gallows…

Then checks the crowd for noticeable scars after informing the party of the vision.

Lots of things going on… getting somewhat sidelined in trying to interrogate people.

Have a skeleton pointed out to me and head over to it to get a second vision… found the location of the visions and the now long dead elf.

Session end… still in a haunted house very little left to search on the first floor.

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