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Have finally found a bard concept build I might enjoy…what’s your take on it?

Content of the article: "Have finally found a bard concept build I might enjoy…what’s your take on it?"

I've recently come up with the idea of playing a bard who is more of a storyteller, rather than your typical 'I play the lute, I sing and rhyme' kind of guy. While he's telling his stories he's using magic to create sounds and images to support his performance and create a more immersive atmosphere. Smooth surfaces, like walls or his custom made cloak, which he can span in between some wooden beams by using a rope, could be something like a makeshift "moviescreen".

The magic he's using would mostly be through cantrips like Prestidigitation, Thaumaturgy, Minor Illusion (images on and in front of the "screen", sounds and other effects all throughout the room/area) and mage hand (helping to interact with the audience, or making those animal shape shadows (just that the magehand IS the shadow which looks like it's being cast on the screen through a lightsource)). Additionally, I would think of taking two levels of Warlock, in order to get the "Mask of Many Faces" and "Misty Visions" invocations. Being able to cast Silent Image and Disguise Self at will just sounds perfect to further enhance his performance. He can make images move around (creatures can walk around the room, things could suddenly "step out of the screen", becoming three-dimensional) and support that movement with sounds, and also let himself be part of the story, since he can look like characters/monsters in the midst of his whole performance (within the boundaries of Disguise Self). All in all, it's my fantasy/DnD version of something like a movie theatre.

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So, this is all fluff, and I haven't really checked all the mechanical possibilities and limits, but there's a vague idea of a Tiefling who started out taking the two Warlock levels (probably Archfey), and then switches over to Bard…probably Lore or Eloquence. With the possibility to get some more Warlock levels for Pact of the Tome, and so on.

What do you think of this concept? I'm pretty sure that such ideas have been presented before, and I just never found them, but still…

tl,dr: I created fluff for a fantasy bard version of a movie theatre. Give me your thoughts about it. 🙂

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