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Having innately Evil races is not a bad thing.

Content of the article: "Having innately Evil races is not a bad thing."

So, since I have already commented this once or twice, and I want to give this thought a broader audience:

Recently we had many threads, that involved a discussion about races, that are innately a certain archetype. Namely, orcs, drows and goblins, which are innately evil. Many people think, this is problematic, because of various historic parallels, and such.

I don't want to start more discussions about this, rather I want to give another perspective on being Evil: The sides of the alignment chart aren't just a question of morality. Chaos, Evil, Good and Order aren't just concepts. These exist as cosmic forces and can be interacted with and that interact with you. They are part of everything that exists. They flow and weave through the world. You wouldn't have planes and creatures, that are the embodiment of something, if they were just moral concepts.

This means, that Good, Evil, Order and Chaos are on the same step as… Gravity.

Some Creatures and Races are good, because they are in general more susceptible to 'Good'. Some Creatures and Races are evil, because they are in general more susceptible for 'Evil'. Just like that. (Which can be different in other settings, and this is just a interpretation for how things can be explained for Faerun, of course)

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So, now people are saying "having purely and innately evil races is dumb" is quite literally the same as saying "having a race, that has inversed gravity is dumb".

Look up the movie "Upside Down" from 2012 or "Patema Inverted", if you want to know what I am implying here.

In short, being evil in D&D is not bad and being good is not necessarily a positive thing. They are just opposing cosmic forces. I mean, why are we having so many discussions about the moral dilemma of Good and Evil, but I never see a discussion about the problems with regards to Lawfulness and Chaos.

Also, I want to emphasize, I am not saying, that any creature is controlled by these cosmic forces. A creature just has an innate proneness to a certain alignment which influences their course of actions and behavior, an evil creature just has a naturally different moral compass than a good creature.

I know this is a tricky topic, so I want everyone to be civil. Thanks for reading.

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