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Having trouble with a chaotic player

Content of the article: "Having trouble with a chaotic player"

I'm a beginner DM, I've only DMed my friends 7-8 times but I myself have played in AL & GGtR campaign in my local game store (before covid lockdowns. Right now, I've been playing with my high school friends for about 3 months in our new homebrewed campaign, although us now being 25 it's getting them to play more than once a month is a damn miracle.

One of them is a close friend of mine since high school, he's literally chaotic but he's very fun & smart and so he's the first of my friends that I ask to play D&D with me. I was hoping that his chaotic ways would make him play creatively and not shy to get into the role-playing aspect, which would in turn make my other friends easier to RP too. What I got instead was very disheartening. We actually had one campaign which was basically a sad copy of Rise of Tiamat before the lockdown. He would metagame (looked up monster stats on his phone), not paying attention when it's not his turn in battle, zero preparation at all (he played half-orc paladin but every session he would ask about basic class features like lay on hands or even general mechanics), he's lie about his dice rolls, and he keeps complaining about the character he chose (I asked them to make their own characters but them being first timers- they were more eager to start getting into the action so I made them choose from pre-made chars, he chose first). I've had to yell a few times which makes me question if I'm too controlling. So I thought, okay maybe he would be more invested if he created his own character from scratch next time.

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In our new campaign, he made a character from scratch (Druid Circle of Spores who likes to microdose mushroom) so I thought okay that's interesting. We're currently playing in roll20, and he would draw shit on the board, spam 3d dice, actually watching other things (we caught him a few times in the video chat) when he's waiting for his turn or even when I'm narrating. Again, we're all 25 years old. I'm really at my wits end.

He is really one of my closest friend, but he's ruining the experience for others and frankly he makes me feel like shit. I fear this would affect our friendship if this continues (mainly me being annoyed and angry constantly with him). Should I talk to him for the -idk how many- times or kick him out? Idk if any other DM has had this problem too. If anyone could give any advice or just share their experience, I hope it would give me some perspective moving forward… Sorry for the long ass rant

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