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Hello Everyone! Mind giving me some advice on my upcoming encounter please?

Content of the article: "Hello Everyone! Mind giving me some advice on my upcoming encounter please?"

Hello everyone! I would love your opinions on my next encounter. Advice, or any interesting things to add to it would be lovely and very much appreciated.

Party (Wizard, Warlock (hexblade) Rogue, all level 4)

The next encounter is one on the road. They notice ahead a lot of logs ahead of them very obviously blocking the path. Sitting on one of the rocks is a somewhat small orc wearing a mix of leather armor and what appears to be a deer pelt.

Problem 1: When they approach, the orcs either demand a toll be paid to pass safely, or they ask for payment to remove the large number of logs in their path. I'm worried that, since they are all casters or dex based classes with low strength, the logs will prove to be too annoying to actually deal with, and I don't want it to seem like they have no choice but to pay the orcs.

Problem 2: A second thing I am planning on adding is an orc who is very unhappy living with this orc group. He is an orc ranger who was hunting for them and is seen as weak because he often fails to kill people when they raid or people are unwilling to pay the toll. He is unable to kill them because he does not want to kill people. I want to add him as an npc to this group, to act as a kind of healer/fighter since the party doesn't really have either.

My problem is will it seem forced, or make him seem annoying with his introduction.

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Here is the parts I plan on mentioning that will make him stick out: One orc seems to be unwilling to look you in the eyes.

If they opt to pay the orcs: The main orc grabs him and shoves him forward ordering him to go collect their money, and he will attempt to join them in the night to escape. If they tell him no, he will sneak back into his camp.

If they decide to fight, he will intentionally miss them, and if they start to win, he will join their side. He will ask them to allow him to join them, if not he will make his way back to Waterdeep, the nearest city.

Thank you!

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