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Help Building a Feywild Adventure

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Hi everyone,

I'm running a campaign for new players during Lockdown. For the first time I'm DMing a game that has lasted long enough to get past level 3!

As a consequence I'm struggling to understand how to build up to the end of the story arc. I thought I would see if this sub could help.

The Story

The party started as Detectives in a bustling city called Teymont. The problem: the city is ruled by a corrupt noble council that uses their personal retinues as their own private army and police force. The game from levels 1-3 sees the party investigating various crimes and learning about the world/city/people. At levels 4-5 things come to a head and the city heads into open revolution. We are currently at the tipping point where (thanks to the players work openly exposing corruption) we are about to start going 1917 in this place.

Whatever gets built after the revolution will come under threat from the villain.

The Villain

The Villain is an Archfey (EDIT: Perhaps a Sidhe would be more appropriate?) called Faezora. She has fallen foul of the Seelie court and has been banished. She has taken refuge in the Feywild in a fortress next to Teymont (it is a ruin in the material plane). Fearing for her safety she seeks the protection of the Unseelie Court. The Queen of Air and Darkness will give her protection in exchange for a gift. Control over Teymont.

Faezora likes to control and manipulate (possibly the cause of her banishment?) and has manipulated people in the city to be her agents (e.g a Warlock sowing chaos, and a member of the council), pushing the city towards revolution. Once the council is removed and the city is weakened and leaderless, but before the people decide on a new form of government, she will launch an attack on the city.

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Hopefully the players will play a suitably heroic role in defeating the attack. If/once the attack is defeated she will wait for the summer solstice, when the Feywild and the material plane are at their closest and she can send her full forces into the material plane to conquer the city.

The players will have 3 (?) months to discover:

  • The source and nature of the threat
  • How to get to the Feywild
  • Come up with a plan to defeat Faezora
  • Defeat Faezora

My Questions

My years of lurking on this sub has given me good, general ideas. My unfamiliartiy with the rules/lore/stats means I'm really struggling to come up with the specifics of how to implement things in a fair but challenging way.

How can I give the players an interesting adventure that isn't just travel to feywild, go to castle, fight villain?

What meaningful obstacles/choices can I put in their way?

Is the time limit too small or too generous?

How do you build a statblock for a large villain like this?

What experiences do you have that you'd like to share?

Other information

We are using Milestone levelling. I had initially thought that defeating Faezora would take the players from level 5 – 10 but maybe 5-7 or 8 would be more realistic.

I'm open to the adventure crossing between the material plane and the Feywild back and forth.

Thanks for taking the time to read and please do share anything you think might be interesting.

TL;DR: First time playing/DMing a game that survived past level 3. How do I build an adventure and a villain to take players from level 5 up to level 8?

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