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Help building a half Changeling half Feyblood race?

Content of the article: "Help building a half Changeling half Feyblood race?"


I'm a pretty new DM running LMoP with some additional made up content, so the party will probably hit level 7. Currently pretty much everyone is playing a race & class combination from the PHB. Since our fighter dropped down to 0 HP a few times already she started thinking about a backup character. She doesn't have a deathwish she's just a daredevil and charges into combat head on.

Out of the players she's the most experienced one (which might not mean much since all others are new), so I allowed her to create a custom half race (thinking about PHB and Volo's races). Anyway, the next day she shows me her new creation, a half changeling half feyblood race. She used the UA Changeling and Xanather's Lost Notes Feyblood as base. I don't think she's too well versed with 5e mechanics and balancing, and neither am I, but I don't really feel happy with the race she created. Anyway, here it is:

  • ASI: Dex +1 / Cha +2 (12)
  • Common +2 Languages (1)
  • Medium Size (0)
  • Speed: 30ft (0)
  • Fey resistance (adv. against being charmed & advantage against illusion magic) (2+2)
  • Faeri Wings (at 3rd level: always feather fall at 60ft/round; at 6th level: cast fly once per long rest) (3+3)
  • Shepachanger (as an action, change your appearance and voice, you do not get any features from your new appearance) (she suggested adding some complications to this before even sending it to me, like being stuck in the new form for some time and not being able to change eye colour) (rating pending)
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I've used this guide to evaluate the race and attached the value of every racial feature in brackets. Summing everything up we arrive at 23 + Shapechanger. I've never played in a campaign with a shapechanger, but it looks pretty powerful to me. A bugged version might contribute to some decent RPing moments, but it might also be super frustrating to be stuck in some form or another for a prolonged amount of time, not being able to use some of your other class/race features.

There are a couple more things that bug me about this class, the most obvious probably that it packs two "signature" abilities of different classes (Shapechanger and Feari Wings) and nothing minor like a proficiency with a tool or skill.

Pointwise the class looks pretty ok, not broken. Most classes score in the mid to high twenties. It might discourage other players though if this one class can shapechange and fly.

To the more experienced DMs (and players): How does this class look to you, what would you change to make it feel less min maxed? Do you even allow mixing two so very different classes?

I'm open for any kind of input, thanks 🙂

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