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Help Crafting, Foreshadowing, and playing the BBEG

Content of the article: "Help Crafting, Foreshadowing, and playing the BBEG"

I know 3/4 of my players are on d&d reddits, so if your party just picked up Aramil the sentient sword, and consists of a warforged, a goliath, a half elf and a human, LEAVE…

Seriously… Leave.

Ok, for the rest of you internet strangers, My party is about to begin a serious arc involving The Shadowfell, the goddess of dark magic and, the origins of vampirism. The players just reached Level 8, and I want to take this arc into the high levels, eventually confronting her in her stronghold in the Shadowfell around 17. I want advice…

How should I make her an active villain? Her only motivation at the moment is escaping the mortal form she was trapped in thousands of years ago by a powerful mage, who tricked her. She needs to amass a large amount of power to re-ascend to her godly form, and then what? This mage who trapped her, he used the results of trapping her to become the first vampire, and she took retribution by locking him in a dread domain a-la CoS. Right now, she's just… amassing power, and tempting mortals with eternal life to worship her and do dark rituals that give her power. What are some good schemes that are less generic?

Also,I need sub-villains, as well as tangentially related filler for the intervening levels. As cool as the Shadowfell is, spending 9 levels there is going to get dull. I know that they are likely going to have to visit the Vampire mage's dread domain, as well as foil a cult or two, but what else? this upcoming Saturday we are most likely doing some research and dipping our toes into the Shadowfell for the first time. I want to give them a good fight and then some clues and then leave.

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One more thing, The reason they got sucked into all of this is because, they were siegeing a castle and Shadowmist came and took everyone in the castle leaving it drained of life and color. It came because a cultist tried to make himself immortal and failed, now the players have to go into the Shadowfell and rescue some of the castle's good people, including a cleric who owned above sentient sword. Any Ideas for this mission? I want it to be an introduction to the Shadowfell.

TLDR; Big bad Evil Girl is a goddess of dark magic trapped in mortal form, ruling over much of the Shadowfell, how to spice up the long-term arc of taking her down?

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