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Help creating a memorable boss room

Hey all!

Im currently running my players through a custom campaign (first campaign ive ever dm'ed and people seem to be enjoying it), the campaign has been based on a fantastical version of the romance of the three kingdoms centered around a small town called fox's gate and an upcoming festival, it is a wuxia (martial classes and low magic) setting.

They are about to face their last main threat before the final setpiece and was figuring getting some opinions on making the boss room more fun and interactive.

The party all level 4 (lore bard, open hand monk, arcane archer fighter, thief rogue) have been on the trail of a bandit leader called greymane who has been in league with a cloaked figure who knows magic and has taught him how to use alchemy to create phantom soldiers with large magic urns. He is currently holed up in the ruins of a castle that was burned to the ground after it fell years ago,

The idea for the combat encounter is to have greymane, who i have modelled off a dual wielding battlemaster, allowing him to use the "commanding strike", "disarming strike" and "Maneuvering Attack" manoeuvres. He would control his old military retinue turned bandit of 2 archers and 2 hand weapon shield enemies.

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There will also be cultists chanting around 2 of these phantom soldier urns that will not attack the party but will spawn a phantom soldier every 2 turns if there isnt one.

My players are lateral thinkers that enjoy having things to interact with in the room and challenges to overcome, so i would like to get some ideas to make this encounter memorable 🙂

The main additional ideas im looking for would be things to fill the room with for players and enemies to use.

So far I have: Greymane starts on a balcony with his archers in cover, with the urns behind him.

The players start on a large open courtyard at ground level with pillars for cover

Greymane can use command to get the archers to attack out of turn order.

Greymane can also manouvering attack to allow other melee enemies to escape melee with a player and reposition for flanking.

Phantom soldiers have low health but resistance to all non magical damage.

Phantom soldier urns can be smashed to stop the soldiers respawning.

Thanks in advance!

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