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Help for a DnD noob!

Content of the article: "Help for a DnD noob!"

Hi all,

To cut to the chase and what is probably a very typical experience:

I am a DnD newbie who has grown up loving all things fantasy (recent 4k rerelease of LoTR love that). DnD is something that I have always wanted to try but never had the opportunity to, not really knowing anybody who played. Recently getting into Critical Role (enjoyed a lot of their extraneous content knowing them as voice actors but only recently really investing time into their campaigns) has given me a very rudimentary sense of how the game operates.

My need for help:

Me and 3 other friends are interested in beginning a game together, and me being the one (with still extremely limited knowledge) with "most" experience with DnD is organizing the game/will be acting as DM. I am really just asking for any starting advice, resources, and general tools/knowledge on how the game works and how to really initiate ourselves into this world! Again, I have some baseline knowledge of things like stat checks, saving throws, etc., but really don't know how to contextualize that in the case of running our own game.

For example: I know that for an attack, you need a certain dice roll to hit, then another roll for damage. But what dice do you roll for which? How do "battles" differ from regular roleplaying? Do I have to design every NPC my friends will encounter in the world? Do these questions even make sense?

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I'm not asking for every question I may have to be answered, but I'm eager to learn and am really just looking for a push in the right direction as well as some helpful starting DM advice. I know this will be a long journey, but I am VERY excited and look forward to hearing any response 🙂 Cheers!

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