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Help me improve a demon incursion laying siege to the town where the party thought they were safe!

Content of the article: "Help me improve a demon incursion laying siege to the town where the party thought they were safe!"

Ok, you fabulous DMs and GMs. I have a siege coming up. I have given my characters one month early on, with no warning of what's coming, and another month with a vague warning of what's coming. These two 1-month periods were spent wisely. They trained up the people, reinforced the wall, built counter-siege weaponry.
The problem is, Other than throwing huge numbers at them, i'm at a loss for how to make this interesting. Here's what I've got so far.
The party (7people) have just hit lvl 11 and are well armored, decent players. Its a demon incursion, so quasits will crawl over the wall invisibly and begin wreaking havoc inside the town, primarily told to burn shit down. Then Dretches will make it in by climbing the wall. I have separated the battle field surrounding the town in to quadrants. Three of the quadrants have a small army that would be easy pickings for the party, consisting of 4 fairly serious demons. They are bait to take up time and spell slots. The fourth quadrant contains a group of beholder cultists building a trap. It will look to the party like a ritual of summoning, obviously summoning something big. Something to be stopped. But it is actually a circle of teleportation that teleports anyone not wearing a symbol of worship to the beholder into his lair. Cue beholder fight
My thought is that they will leave the townsfolk, who are well armed, to deal with the little guys in the town. I don't know where they'll put the militia. Ideally, for best results, they'll send the militia after the 3 small groups of moderately serious demons to finish them off, while the party handles the cultists. But they may choose to handle the demons themselves, THEN go after the cultists.
Have I created an interesting enough encounter? This is designed to be MAJOR, but I think they are ready for it. Any thoughts? I haven't thought of a creative way to get them back out of the lair once they've finished killing the beholder. We don't have access to circle of teleportation. Any ideas?

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