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Help me make a mirror based encounter

Content of the article: "Help me make a mirror based encounter"

So, for my next session that I am running for a weekly HB 5e Campaign for five lvl 10 PCs, I want to make an encounter/dungeon based around mirros and reflections, but I do not entirely know how I am going to do it just yet and I'd very much like some advice

Here's what I know I want to do in some form or another:

The Entrance
When the players enter the first room, they will find an old, hexagonal storage room with crates, boxes and containers with a bunch of spider web and dust. At the oppisite wall of the entrance is a large mirror which has a curtain on it. On the bottom of the mirror is a plaque, that (in Elvish) says "THE ENTRANCE TO RELFECTING HALLS LIES BEHIND THIS MIRROR". The mirror can be taken off the wall. If the wall of the mirror itself is attacked or attempt to be broken, nothing happens. If they however flip the mirror so it faces the wall and then destroy the back of the mirror, it opens a hole to the Mirror Dungeon as if the mirror wasn't there and it was just some flimsy piece covering the entrance.

The Halls
The halls themselves consist of untouched mirrors on the walls, celing and floor. The halls themselves are narrow, snaking and split in many directions. The Party has to make Perception or Investigation checks to find out where they in relation to themselves and what is way foward and what is a wall.
The other problem the party must face are their own reflections. At some designated point, some of their relections will start to move in subtle ways that they don't, and then the relfections will jump out of the mirror and atempt to either strangle their counterpart or pull them into the mirror. The Reflection will have statblock that is pretty weak in comparison to what level the party is at (remeber, due to the fact that there are mirros all over the place, there will be a lot of fucking relfections), but when the first reflections jumps them, all the other reflections of the other PCs' will then also attempt to do the same against their counterpart. The Party can attempt to fight them all, but the easiest solution will be to escape the narrow tunnels by running away from them (which I will clear signal to the players). If they come up with some other solution that I didn't think, we'll just run with that instead.

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The Boss
The boss of this dungeon is what I am very creatively calling "The Mirror Monster". It can only live in its true form inside of mirrros reflection. The Boss Room is a large hexagonel room with mirros on all sides. The first stage of the fight is dificult because the party must try to attack a creature that they cannot see infront of them, but must somehow make their reflections hit the Mirror Monster. I do not yet how I would do this with the rules, like maybe make them do a perception check befeore each attack roll or something? This is the part I need the most help for I think.
The Second stage of the bossfight will have the Mirror Monster jump out of the mirros and take the form of a dark reflections of one of the players (for example, I have a PC that bare a Demonic Curse, that is slowy turning him evil. His evil reflection would be him fully as a demon.). At the start of the Mirror Monster's turn, it would change its relection of another player (determined by a predetermined order) and the Mirror Monster would then teleport over to the player it is relfecting. The catch for the players is then to figure out the order so that they can prepare for it and potentially get the upperhan.

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There's a lot of ideas in this I think the only way to get it done is by immense amounts of HB, but if there is any official material that I am not aware that this, I'd just use that (I have only read the DMG, PHB, XGTE, MM, VGtM, MToF and I don't remeber the last 3 that well). But other than that, I would love to hear how'd you guys would approach this and what you what change, include or remove.

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