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Help me out to run some events in the Elemental Plane of Water

Content of the article: "Help me out to run some events in the Elemental Plane of Water"

Hi all! A new DM here, or at least I still count myself as one. Approximately 1 year of D&D behind me, started as the DM for current campaign we are running. No prior player experience. I've always been fascinated by this whole cosmology / plane structure of D&D, but until this point in time I haven't been able to include any kind of material or encounters regarding this in my game.

I have a party of four on level 8. Ranger, Fighter, Wizard, Bard. Story revolves around doing work against Talos who has been gathering followers and strength in Sword Coast.

So, I've had this specific thing long time coming in the campaign, where one or more PCs will get teleported to Elemental Plane of Water. I discussed on Reddit a bit earlier about the characteristics of this plane and I'm feeling more pull towards the kind of Plane where you just are "in the water", without a sense of direction (no up, no down…) and water seems endless in all directions. Despite the endless water, the water pressure feels as if you were submerged 3 feet/1 meter into water only.

Party is now effectively standing in the front of a portal (I think lore-wise I should call it a vortex) that is made of physics defying water column. They don't yet know where it leads, and they don't know that the portal is a one-way ticket.

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I'm hoping, and I'm confident, that at least one of the party is stepping into the portal next session. Into Elemental Plane of Water they go. I'm actually thinking that for dramatic effect it might be even best if only one of the players would get sent to the Elemental Plane of Water, thus creating a party split event.

Now the thing is that I want to make it a bit of a lore session and puzzle at the same time on what happens next. The main direction of the story isn't expected to continue in that plane, this is more like a diversion. I have a rough thought in my head at this point that players need to pay something to get back to Prime Material.

Any ideas what to make happen on the Elemental Plane of Water? I have some rough thoughts in my head:

– Starting to drown immediately

– At last minute en entity comes and saves the PC by casting Water Breathing

– Entity (a marid) drags the players to some kind of "air bubble" that acts as the Marid's camp

– There they have a discussion (about what?). Planes? Talos?

– A potential puzzle ensues

– Opening to get back home is the marid casting a plane shift, for a price. I see the material component (not consumed) of plane shift costs 250 GP, so maybe this could be the price range?

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– Any way to involve Talos or e.g. his enemis in Elemental Plane of Water? Not in person, but in lore/event-wise.

– To keep a small opening for further plane / cosmology angle in the adventure I was thinking of gifting or selling 1-4 potions of "special water", that is actually a drug. A drug that thins the veil between planes and when consumed in Prime Material, drugs the user and lets them half-see to another, overlapping plane, for a duration. And additionally there would be a constitution save and when failed, player would drop to 0 HP and unconscious.

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