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Help me play Rogue.

Content of the article: "Help me play Rogue."

So, I have played Warlocks and Fighters.

We are playing Rime, and our DM has asked us to have back up characters, as the campaign can be lethal. Now, he said that about Descent and we actually did okay.

We have: Barbarian, Druid (Moon?), Cleric (Arcana), Sorcerer (Dragon), Warlock (Genie).

I'm the Warlock.

One thing we don't have is skill monkey and a 'Dex' specialist.

Our stats are – 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 with a free feat. Variant Human is banned, as is Lucky and Elven Accuracy Feats.

For obvious reasons, the Scout subclass looks good. I'd probably look to dump Cha, as both the Sorcerer and Cleric (don't ask) have Cha of 20. I was thinking of going Hermit + Healer feat, by being a recluse who comes out as a guide. I think this would help with bonus actions, if I have read correctly and might be quite powerful at critical moments? We're level 2, so if I did I'd imagine being at least Level 3/4 when it's generated.

I get the expertise appeal, but I don't really 'get' the cunning action mechanics as well as the dependency on surprise. I feel like sharpshooter may be a trap for a rogue? When I took it as Battlemaster, I had archery and precision attack (when needed) to offset the penalty. Sneak Attack looks good and I don't want to dilute damage potential with misses. Although I suppose it might be worth picking up the Archery fighting style as a Feat instead. My main race ideas are Gnome (Forest), Elf (Wood) or Human (Vanilla).

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The other idea I had was Soulkinfe, that Level 3 feature of Psi-Bolstered Knack looks broken for skill checks (as you only waste a dice if you succeed). Oddly, a Halfling looks slightly sub-par, if I've understood the mechanics correctly, Lucky becomes (largely) obsolete for skill checks, once reliable talent comes into play? Sure, you can use if for other stuff, but half the 'juice' seems to disappear. I suppose you could roll a 1 and then a 20, so it does give you a bit extra. Granted, we are playing until Level 12, so this would have minimum impact, but if we do end up going past it, I would kick myself.

Again, I am a Rogue noob, so any helpful advice (or non rude corrections) are appreciated.

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