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Help my entire party hates each other

I’m pretty new to DnD I started my campaign about a year ago with me as DM and my mom, my stepdad, my best friend, and my girlfriend as players.everything I looked into when learning to become a Dm said that different DM’s and different campaigns focused on different things some focus more exploration and combat and some focused more on story I chose to follow the latter and proceeded to Homebrew a lot of what would eventually become unrecognizable as dragon of Icespire peak adding new characters, Locations, magic items, and even changed the BBEG from a young white dragon who wanted destruction for destructions sake to a pretty interesting villain who has a large tie to one of the PC’s by now all of the PC’s have evolved into fully fleshed out characters who have had a lot of great character arcs as their characters interact with the plot that concerns their past. the story has come along great with it twisting and turning in places I would have never thought of on my own if it wasn’t for the party making surprise decisions there’s only one problem. They all hate each other it started with a small animosity between my best friend and my girlfriend’s character but as their relationship in real life was jokingly mean normally and they were both relatively new to RP I didn’t think much of it that was until she called him out before a large battle sending the party into a screaming match this ended up being a huge arc between them with them eventually reconciling but it definitely added a lot of tension in the party flash forward to now and literally the entire party is separated all 4 PC’s are in different locations all with different NPCs mostly because they just don’t wanna be around each other its getting exhausting to basically be running 4 adventures every week because they’re all split up and beside some very rudimentary forms of communication through low level magic items, they don’t know what’s going on in their party members story only learning snip-it’s of the party’s adventures and which taken out of context has them all sinking their heals in this would be annoying if it didn’t all make sense My moms character ended up trying to work with a villain they met that killed a very important character to my best friends character leading to her saying she would pardon him for his crimes if he agreed to help and upon learning this through their lines of communication he said that if she comes back with him that he’s going to kill both of them which from a character perspective with him makes sense it’s all along these same lines am I being too railroady for wanting my party to stick together? How do I encourage stronger RP and relationships between my players and not just player to NPC?

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TL;DR: My party all hates each other and have separated themselves so it’s as if I’m running 4 separate adventures every week while frustrating the animosity all makes sense from a character perspective how do I get my players to like each other?


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